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Addressing the gathering at the Siri Kotha,UNP headquarters welcoming the common candidate Maithripala Sirisena,Sajith Premadasa the deputy leader of the party had said if Maithripala wins in the presidential election the UNP would be the most benefited.Please refer to our Sinhala edition for the video:

In the forthcoming presidential election,in Hambanthota, Mahinda would be beaten by me was me was said by Sajith Premadasa addressing a meeting in Indibedda, Moratuwa. In the past two presidential elections he said he beet Mahinda Rajapaksa in Hambanthota which is his home town.In this election also he could beat him he had said.The people […]

The common candidate Maithripala Sirisena had said at the ceremony at the UNP headquarters,Siri Kotha that he just a simple village lass and his security has to be looked after by the people.Also to have complete confidence in him.For the video please refer our Sinhala edition:

The touring England team was beaten by Sri Lanka in the the 1st ODI by 25 runs: For the full espncricinfo scoreboard please refer our Sinhala edition:

The first ODI between Sri Lanka and England was due to commence at 2.30 pm at the kettarama stadium.It is learnt that owing to a wet outfield the start has been delayed. For the live scorecard and live telecast kindly refer to our Sinhala edition:

Minister Wimal Weerawansa had said in a interview with Lakhanda radio that JHU and JVP parties are trying to make UNP leader,Ranil Wickremasinghe the executive Prime Minister.The audio could be heard from the Sinhala edition:

The member of parliament for Kalutara district, Vidura Wickremanayake had said that he is closely monitoring the actions of Ministers who purchase hotels.Addressing a ceremony in Horana had said that SLFP is a very respectable party and it should not be demeaned and should protect to get rid of barriers.It is true we were subjected […]

The Member of Parliament for Wanni district Hussain Farouk has decided to cross over to UNP from the UPFA of the government a little while ago.

The member of Southern PC Geetha kumarasinghe had said that the Chief Minister and two other members had divided illegal assets and hence she calls the southern PC a ‘white elephant’. She had said this to the media after a PC meeting.She had said that she has come to politics to serve people and not […]

The Tamil media reports that in order to obtain support to the common candidate Maithripala Sirisena,former president Chandrika Kumaratunga has had discussions with the TNA leader R.Sambandan. One of the offers is to implement the 13 amendment to the constitution fully. She had also promised to remove the governors in North and East and to […]

While conducting the forthcoming presidential election there is a possibility of being assassinated and hence a plea has been made by the Member of parliament Rajitha Senaratna, to take his corpse around the country.Addressing the discussion in Siri Kotha he had said the correct stand the people in this country should know that is to […]

Ven Welikande Rahulalankara thera a member of the Polonnaruwa-Welikanda pradeshiya sabha had said at a media briefing in Polonnaruwa that in the event the common candidate Maithlripala Sirisena is assassinated,it would have serious repercussions and chaos in the country and it would be dealt with very seriously the thera had answered to a question posed […]

The UPFA controlled Eastern provincial council is to be taken over by the UNP. This had been informed by the leader of the opposition Daya Gamage also the national organizer of the party.This is because three members of the All Ceylon National People’s Congress party are to cross over to the UNP.

Other News

It is predicted by the authorities of the meteorological department that heavy rains exceeding over 100 m.m with wind is predicted in the North and eastern provinces and had sent warnings.

dent The secretary of the President’s investigation committee on disappearance’s H.w Gunadasa had said that the next meeting on the disappeared persons would be held in Vavuniya district it has been decided. The meeting would be held on 14th December for four day’s in Mullativu. Out of the nearly 20000 complaints received by the committee […]

Because of very shrewd cinnamon businessman the cinnamon industry is in danger of crashing.This was revealed by the All Ceylon Cinnamon society. In the previous month a consignment of cinnamon to the value of rupees 30 billion exported to America in the form of cinnamon in 20 containers and cinnamon oil 25 tons have been […]

The authorities of the irrigation department have said that dam doors of a number of reservoirs have been opened after the heavy rains in catchment areas Two feet of the Rajangana reservoir had been opened and in Angamuwa reservoir one feet of the dam doors have been opened.Some waters of the reservoirs have been released […]

By exporting coconut water during this year by coconut development and People’s estate development Ministry has earned Rs 680 lakhs this year was said by the Minister Jagath Pushpakumara.The Ministry also intends to manufacture coconut coal from coconut shelves in the next year is the target the Minister had added.  

The Sri Lanka Transport board is to get 500 luxury buses from China.The vice chairman of the SLTB, L.A.Wimalaratna had is learnt from the vice chairman that these buses are imported under a loan scheme.Out of these buses 300 would be run in Colombo and the balance in other areas. .

The names of patients who come to hospitals in the western province who obtain the services of “E Health project” will be registered and computerized.The initial work in this regard have commenced already.The details are collected by western province ayurvedic probation and child care Minister, Ranjitha Somawansa.Accordingly in Dompe,Avissawela, Panadura hospitals this project has already […]


Foreign News

The acceptance of the Palestine government by France is a huge blunder,the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu had said. In order to accept the Palestine government officially,there is going to be an election on 2nd December. The Israel Premier had said the citizens of Israel who are in middle east countries who were deprived of […]

It is reported that China has built a huge controversial island on a coral in the southern Chinese sea. The Philippine intelligence unit via satellite pictures had revealed about this island.The Digens weekly magazine has revealed that in the island rich in fuel and gas has built a island in the sea.This island is 3000 […]

The new type of special potato seed called ‘Innate’ has been approved  to be grown by the American agriculture authorities.This seed is a product a huge worlds agriculture company called “symplotte”.This company has said that through a survey of about a decade,scientific investigations and experimentation this seed has been produced.This product helps to produce 3 […]

The American forces had obtained photographs of a Russian war weapons centre in an illegal operation. The stars and stripes web site had revealed that during the past few days that an american plane had been in the Russian territories.This operation is in accordance with the agreement the two countries had signed with other neighboring […]

  The leader of the LDPR party Vladimir Sirinoviski had said that because of the Kyvi regime’s action it has paved the way for a third world war .He had said that the way Serbia took steps against the Austro-Hungary countries which paved the way for the first world war Ukraine is paving the way […]

America do not want to insult Russia,what they want is to supersede us,but they cannot was said by the President Vladimir Putin.He had said this addressing an All Russian Peoples; front meeting in Moscow. He also said that on several instances in the entire history no one was able to rule and dictate terms to […]

The former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev had quoted that he would be killing time until Barak Obama goes on retirement. He had said this after hearing the speech of the American President Barak Obama made at the G 20 world leaders summit in Brisbane city in Australia.He had said that one should not […]

The president of Russia Vladimir Putin speaking to a German television channel before attending the G 20 summit in Brisbane,Australia,that when the ceasefire agreement was announced the Kiev government had taken steps to strengthened their arms collection of East Ukraine.This had led to war situation.The Ukraine government is entertaining radical racialism and armed groups are […]

The latest technology investigations reveal that continuous usage  ‘gang’ would cause brain damage. Some American scientists have disclosed that functions of the brain would be reduced.They have proved how the brain is damaged with the continuous usage of ‘marijuana’.is was proved when 62 persons who were examined by MRI scanning who are non users of ‘marijuana’in […]

The Head of Russian Central Bank  Elvira Nabiullina has admitted that if currency markets continue to turn against the ruble, the bank “won’t be able to restrain them.” Despite the central bank spending $ 6 billion on foreign exchange reserves to prop up the value of the ruble continued its slide against the dollar she had […]