Hot News

The media spokesman of the JHU party Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe had said the party had decided to refrain from voting for the budget  on the first reading as the discussions on amending the constitution between SFFP and JHU have not been successful as yet.

It is learnt that Velupillai Prabhakaran had filed action against a person who had forcibly taken on of his lands in Velvitithurai.The information had been furnished by the UPFA member of the Northern provincial council M.K.Shivajilingam.

A cabinet decision has been taken to provide houses who lost there houses owing to the land slide at Meeriyabedda estate in Haldumulla

The  Maligakanda Magistrate had ordered to stop marketing of bottled water of two companies ‘Crystal’ and ‘K Choice’,and to withdraw their stocks distributed.These bottles were found in shops of the consumer authority.The samples of the bottles of these  two companies had been tested by a government analyst and they have found be contaminated with bacteria […]

The Minister Mervin Silva had given a cheque for rupees one hundred thousand to a media reporter Chandana Kuruppuarachchi ,who was assaulted during the Uva election campaign.This media reporter who is now treated at a private hospital had attempted to cash it through some banks,each time the cheque was presented had got returned.

A deadline date has been fixed by the Jathika Hela Urumaya party to receive a positive reply from the government to amend the constitution with their proposals before the 15th November.Otherwise they will decide to support the common candidate or a third candidate contesting.This was said by the media spokesman of the party,member of western […]

The Minister Arumugam Thondaman had said that the number who had died in the land slide at Meeriyabedda estate cannot exceed 50 persons.The rescue operations according to him had been hampered owing to the inclement weather conditions.

The land slide to the Meeriyabedda estate in Haldumulla had claimed 192 lives.The names of the dead has been published by the Divisional Secretary of Badulla,Rohana Keerthi Dissanayake.

A Junior school in the  Homagama district, Meepe Kelimadala Junior school which accommodates 228 students and 10 teachers was on the verge of closing as the buildings were old.The deputy minister of education and member of parliament Mohanlal Grero had come to know about it and under the concept of development of cluster schools had […]

In an world economic review made between 2005 to date it has been proved that Sri Lanka occupies a position with six other countries in the gap between males and females.It is also said that in cabinet ministers also our country is represented by a minority women.The other countries with Sri Lanka are Male,Croatia,Macedonia,Jordan and […]

The leader of opposition Ranil Wickremasinghe had visited Meeriyabedda estate in Haludumulla effected by a land slide this morning.Addressing the media he had said that a day of mourning be declared and white flags should be hoisted everywhere in the country.He had also stressed that all line houses of estate workers should be replaced by […]

The peoples’ movement for democracy has held a meeting yesterday at Nugegoda.The JHU president Athureliye Rathana thera had joined in the protest rally against the president as it is illegal for him to contest for a third term.Former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva,JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake and Member of parliament Arjuna Ranatunga and others […]

The president of the Bodu Bala Sena organisation and Member of Buddhist Renaissance committeeJ Ven.Kirama Wimalajothi and Ven.Medagama Dhammananda theras have advised Minister Champika Ranawaka to take a correct decision in regard to the conflict his party JHU is having on the President’s powers.They have told the Minister not to break  and divide the existing […]

Other News

On the recommendation of a committee appointed to scrutinize the grading marks of Maths in ordinary Level students by the Minister of education Bandula Gunawardena the grading marks for Maths of ordinary level students has been enhanced.

The Indian government has taken a decision to help those who were effected by rain and land slides.The High Commissioner Y.K.Singh has conveyed this message to the foreign ministry.The Meeriyabedda victims would receive aid.

The ICTA and VTASL have signed an agreement of understanding.Hence all those who complete the Nenasala study courses successfully at Nenasela centres would be issued  third level certificates certified by the Sri Lanka Vocational Training Authority. The agreement of understanding between the ICTA and VTASL was signed in the presence of the Minister of telecommunication […]

The Sri Lanka cricket has taken steps to lay a new turf wicket at St.Patrick’s College Jaffna.The executive committee of the SLC has arranged a friendly cricket match with former Sri Lanka cricketers.Those who will play are Sanath Jayasuriya ,Hashan Tillekeratna,Pramodaya Wickremasinghe and Upul Chandana among others.This will provide the budding cricketers in North and […]

For the first six months of the year 2014 the profit earned by the Sri Lanka Telecom had been Rs 132 billion.This was tabled by the Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva in parliament.In the year 2013 the profit had been Rs 363.5 billion while as at 31st December 2012 the profit had been Rs 324.6 […]

The reuter has reported that Sri Lanka has for the first time imported 50,000 metric tons of rice from Bangladesh,The Minister of food,Bangladesh Mohamed Karmul Islam had informed.The cost of one metric ton of rice had cost $ 450 all inclusive.

It is learnt that in the stretch between Pinnaduwa and Imaduwa on areas where the carpet is damaged repair work has commenced.In the vicinity of Akmeemana,Aankokawala,Halgasmulla,Imaduwa and Habaragasgala the repairs are been done.

Foreign News

It is reported that Motorola mobility Company has been purchased by  a huge Chinese producer in computers Lenovo. Lenovo has paid Google, the owners of Motorola USD 2.9 billion and with that Lenovo has become to the 3rd position of smart phone producers. With this incident Xiaomi which was in the 3rd position has come […]

Professor David Weintraub of Vanderbilt university says that the beliefs in aliens differ according to the religion the people believe in. This is mentioned in a book published by him.  As per the result of a research done using Americans has revealed that 55% of atheist believe that there are aliens. It has been revealed […]

It is reported that Nigerian government has sued against Coca Cola Nigeria for breaching the consumer protection standards. Selling of 2 half empty sprite cans has caused this.  There is a complaint against the Nigerian bottling plant as well. The complaints against the two companies are failing to adhere to recommendations issued after an investigation, […]

It is reported that a bus driver has not let a male homo sexual couple who were kissing inside the bus to behave in that manner. The incident has taken place in a bus bearing number 89 while passing Balckheeth in South London. The driver has blamed that he does not like to see such […]

A new report has revealed that Americans have become 90% poorer than they were in 1987.The American National Economic Research Institute has done this research. Accordingly, 90% of those who get lowest income has collapsed in past 25 years and the economy of next 9% has collapsed in past 15 years. The report says that […]

It is reported that Poland parliament has established a law avoid selling foods like chips, soda, burger which are not nutrients. It is said that 426 out of 460 seats of junior cabinet have voted. This proposal has been presented by the farmers party and the government has stated that this step is taken to […]

It is reported that Dimitry Poskov,  media spokesman of Russian president has stated that the news that the president planned to share Poland with Ukraine is a joke. He as stated that the news published in “American Politico” magazine are bullshit.In an article  in Politico Magazine under the topic of “Putin’s conspiracy” has stated that […]

It is reported that the Russian power and energy minister Alexander Nowak has stated that the price of crude oil barrel  should be between USD 90-100 in order to be reasonable to the world economy. Addressing the national summit of fuel and gas, he has stated that if the price is reduced more than that, […]

It is reported that the economists have warned that the world economy has fallen into a deflating situation. They have pointed out that the collapse in world share market is a side affect of it. The IMF has also announced about this situation.The economists point out that the change in gold prices is a good […]

It is reported that Egypt attack crafts have attacked  Benghazi town in order to chase away the ISIS fighters in Libya. This has not been confirmed officially but, two officers who didn’t disclose their names have stated that to the media. The Associated Press service has reported that this is a part of a huge […]