Hot News

It is reported that 3 Sri Lankan’s have been arrested by Indian police and presented to Chennai courts for planning terrorist activities in India. They are a one Tamil by the name of Siva Balan and two  Muslims by the names of Saheer Husain and Mohamed Saleem. They are complained for supporting I S I […]

The Cinnamon garden police has started investigation on the incident of disappearing the pistol of a police officer who was attached to the the security of the Deputy Minister Nirupama Rajapaksa. The police officers were staying in a house owned by the deputy minister Nirupama Rajapaksa and this has disappeared from there.

According to the information received by police, with the tightening up the security checks, the price of 1 kg of heroin has gone up to 1 million. It was 6 lakhs before.

It is reported that an answer given in the parliament by the Minister Pandu Bandaranayake shows that there are 104 members in provincial councils and provincial administration who are accused for corruption. Among them there are 44 from PA, 36 from UNP, and 2 from UNP. Action has been taken against 103 from 2004.  

The leader of the Nawa Samasamaja party Dr Wickramabahu Karunaratne says that the party has decided to support Ranil in the coming presidential election. ” We are against this style of politics. But, Mahinda will contest and win” What ever the law brings in, it is useless because he never works according to the law. […]

The leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Rauf Hakeem says that a decision should be taken like the former leader late Ashroff did in 1988. He said this addressing a meeting in Samanthurai. ” the only shield for Muslims is their independent politics. We should not forget it.  Our party is acting as an opposition […]

The tiger Diaspora is to bring a resolution to the European parliament to establish a Tamil Eelam government within Sri Lanka.This has been suggested as the LTTE ban has been lifted by the European Union  together with two other proposals.

Jathika Hela Urumaya party has cautioned the government that in the event the proposals made by them are not accepted they would not support candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa in the forthcoming presidential election.The media spokesman for the party Nishantha Sri Warnaasinghe had confirmed their stand.

It is learnt that Minister Dullas Alahapperuma has been very busy canvassing for President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the forthcoming presidential election.Addressing   a meeting with high officials of the government he had said that while canvassing there is no time for meals and sleep,He said that he had not had a rice meal for one […]

On the night of the Budget day Minister Wimal Weerawansa participated in the ITN channel’s Chat N Music  the very popular programme and gave it a start with the song”Desa Nilipul Thema”.For the video please refer the Sinhala edition.

The General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena Organisation Galabodaaththe Gnanasara Thera had said that out of the presidential candidates Mahinda Rajapaksa is somewhat good but in the event he tries to be dominant and too aggressive they will put forward their candidate stored in.

From the budget proposals of year 2015 all taxes of customs have been removed and a new special tax imported.Accordingly the prices of imported cars would be reduced by 20-25% while those of vans would be reduced by 25-60%.This was revealed by the Deputy Secretary of the Finance Ministry. The Deputy Secretary S.R Attygalle had […]

The Colombo district Member of Parliament of UNP,Ravi Karunanayake has requested from the government the post of foreign minister in which event he would cross over once the presidential election in declared.The government had refused it and had said they could offer some other position for which he had said useless.It is learnt that he […]

Other News

The authorities of Central Bank of Sri Lanka want to keep the low interests for deposits and advances in State banks.Accordingly the interest rates for deposits would be 6-5% per annum and the lending rate will be 8%. They have also said the rupee has depreciated a little in comparison to the US dollar.

Solicitor General Yuwanjana Wanasundara Jayatilake has taken oaths as the 28th Attorney-General in Sri Lanka. The oath giving ceremony was held last evening at Temple Trees in the presence of H E President Mahinda Rajapaksa.  

The Divisional Secretary U.D.C Jayalal  has added that monkeys in Kalutara district would be caught and released to a forest in a wet zone as they  harm the vegetation.The approval has been received for this exercise.They are not released to Sinharaja forest as the climate there suits the Monkeys who are accustomed to  it.

Today the Hindu’s the world over celebrate  ‘Deepavali’ and is the day they offer ‘pojas’ to light.It is also to celebrate the victory of Prince Rama over King Ravana.

The established Korean ” Smart Class Room”is to be installed  and handed over to Sri Lanka government today at the Mahinda Rajapaksa Madhya Maha Vidyalaya Homagama.The Chief Guests for the occasion would be the Minister of Education Bandula Gunawardena,the Korean Ambassador,Korean education ministry officials and special representative from six countries.

The Ministry of fisheries and Aquatic Resources have confirmed that 79 Sri Lankan fishermen have been arrested in foreign countries.There are 28 boats also in their custody.They have been arrested for breach of foreign sea borders.

It is reported that 1000 bus drivers and conductors are to be absorbed in to SLTB,to fill the vacancies in Depots in Colombo,Gampaha and Kalutara.The deputy chairman of the SLTB L.G Wimalaratna had said those in these areas who are permanent residents could apply until the 14th of next month.Those selected would be filled into […]

Foreign News

It is reported that Dimitry Poskov,  media spokesman of Russian president has stated that the news that the president planned to share Poland with Ukraine is a joke. He as stated that the news published in “American Politico” magazine are bullshit.In an article  in Politico Magazine under the topic of “Putin’s conspiracy” has stated that […]

It is reported that the Russian power and energy minister Alexander Nowak has stated that the price of crude oil barrel  should be between USD 90-100 in order to be reasonable to the world economy. Addressing the national summit of fuel and gas, he has stated that if the price is reduced more than that, […]

It is reported that the economists have warned that the world economy has fallen into a deflating situation. They have pointed out that the collapse in world share market is a side affect of it. The IMF has also announced about this situation.The economists point out that the change in gold prices is a good […]

It is reported that Egypt attack crafts have attacked  Benghazi town in order to chase away the ISIS fighters in Libya. This has not been confirmed officially but, two officers who didn’t disclose their names have stated that to the media. The Associated Press service has reported that this is a part of a huge […]

The former CIA Officer Edward Snowden requests to stop using software which challenges the privacy. He has stated this during a discussion with New York magazine. He has further stated that they are not either citizens or the leaders any more and they are having only the owner and the worker relationship. His idea is […]

The Russian president Vladimir Putin says that the attempt of making Russia isolated by imposing sanctions is a joke. He says that it is a challenge to the healthy economy of the world.He has mentioned these expressing the ideas to Serbian “politica” news paper. His ideas is that sanctions will not support to pressure Russia […]

It is reported that a smartphone software has been released which delivers a pot of ganja to the door step. This has been named as Medove and can be received through android phones.The creator David Huwa says that Marjuwana can be delivered from legally approved pharmacies to those who live in San Francisco bay. Only […]

It is reported that an Army Lady Officer has ordered army to chase Obama away by a conspiracy. Debbie Danigan Waters of who is a republican supporting officer working in Jefersan has mentioned this in her F B page. She has questioned American army why they do not chase away the commanding officer by a […]

It is reported that the Indian Supreme Courts has released the former TamilNadu’s  Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram who was imprisoned for earning properties in illegal ways,  on bail.  

A political analyst Pepe Escobar says that the reducing of fuel prices is a economical strategic operation of Saudi Arabia. He has stated that a number of fuel suppliers in the word supply fuel at lower rates to fulfill their political needs. Saudi Arabia has not reduced their production. Syria and Libya has a low […]