Hot News

The famous veteran dramatist Bandula Vithanage has passed away today at National hospital, Colombo. He was in the age of 73 years. He has worked for Sri Lanka broadcasting Corporation, Rupavahini Corporation, etc and was appointed as an adviser of Tower Hall Foundation in 2001. The funeral will be on Thursday at the Borella Kanatte.

It is reported that the former General Secretary of the Ceylon Mercantile Industrial and General Workers Union has passed away at a private hospital in Colombo. He was in the age 92 at the time of s demise.The funeral will be held on  Friday at Borella cemetery.  

The CID unit of Tangalle police division has arrested a tuition Master for quoting a message from Namal Rajapaksa without permission. Police says that there are hand bills with the message from Namal Rajapaksa that this institute is doing a good job in enhancing the knowledge in English and IT, but  it is learnt that […]

The UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe says that if Mihin Lanka is closed there will be a saving of Rs. 3650 million per year. Addressing a meeting in Polonnaruwa he said that the loss per day is Rs. 10 million.  

There was a meeting with former president Chandrika Kumaranathunga with the Leader of National Leger of Myanmar Ansan Suki, in Myanmar. The meeting was held at Chatrium hotel, Yangon while she was on a tour to Myanmar.  

It is reported that Narada Dissanayake, son of the Minister of higher education S B Dissanayake has been appointed as the Co Organizer of Hanguranketha seat. Jayaratne Dissanayake is the organizer of the seat at present.  

The third term of the schools  starts today.  Few schools where the paper markings are done will be re-opened later.

The Chief of the UNP media unit, parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera has left for London. He has done this to oppose the decision taken by the leader Ranil Wickramasinghe to give the Deputy Leadership to Sajith Premadasa. No sooner Sajith Premadasa is appointed as the Deputy Leader the VIP board will be dissolved.

A former Secretary General of parliament Sam Wijesinghe has passed away. He was 93 years old at the time of passing away at his residence.  

Indian government has decided to review the free trade agreement between Sri Lanka and India signed in the year 2000. The transaction value between the two countries have exceeded USD 5 billion. Though the two countries discussed to sign another agreement, it was unsuccessful. Few organizations pointed out that the condition of the previous agreement […]

It is reported that Robert Das Chandrakumara who was assaulted by Thilini Amalka at Wariyapola bus stand has been remanded. The Acting Magistrate Srimathi Rajapaksa has ordered him to be remanded till the 03rd, according to a complaint made by Thilini Amalka that he tried to abuse her,

The UNP candidate for Uva Harin Fernando says that Namal Rajapaksa said that he will be the Chief Minister for Uva. He said this expressing his ideas about the news that he has a secret discussions with Namal Rajapaksa. Harin has further stated that he met Namal at Parlimentarian Chamika Buddhadasa’s residence and talked to […]

The cabinet speaker Keheliya Rambukwella speaks about the reports in the media that president Mahinda Rajapaksa went abroad for getting treatments. ” Why he can’t go abroad?  Can’t he take medicine? If he has got any sickness, he will take medicine.” He says that even the president is a human and he can get the […]

Other News

It is reported that Leonid Stadnyk who is treated as the world tallest man has passed away. He has died at the age of 44 years and the reason for the death is internal bleeding in the brain. His body has been taken in a lorry and there was a special coffin made for him.

Issuing an announcement, the Chief Incumbent of Rangiri Dambulu Maha Viharaya, Inamaluwe Sri Sumangala Maha Nayake thero says that the statements made by the officers of the road development authority that the lands owned by the temple are given for the development of A 6 are false. The thero has further stated that those who […]

The Diyakawa joint exercise of Sri Lanka army, navy and air force will be held from 2nd September to 23rd September. This exercise will be held with the participation of 2500 officers of the 3 forces and a team of foreign agents. 6 countries have confirmed their participation. This exercise will cover a huge area […]

The Executive Director of Gal Oya Plantations (Pvt) Ltd Lalith Gamage says that the company has produced 12,000 mt of sugar within 3 months and turned a new page in the history of Hungurana Sugar. The sugar corporation had been closed for 13 years and re-started in 2007 with sugar cane plantation and sugar production […]

The ICTA says that the 800th Nenasala centre will be open today at Sri Pushparama temple, Tawalla. This is the 61st Nenasala center in Kurunegala district. The agency says that basic computer knowledge, e-mail, internet services can be obtained from here. This will be declared open by the minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, Secretary of the ministry […]

The Fly Smiles programme of Sri Lankan air lines has joined hands with Abans, the pioneers of electronic and home appliances. Though this programme, the members of Fly Smiles can enjoy the facilities of Abans.  The members can purchase items from the 400 Abans outlets Islandwide. They can earn ‘ 1 smile’ for each Rs. […]

It is being planned by Microsoft to release the Windows – 9 on the 30th September as a pre issue. Some features which will not be available with the pre-issue will be available with the next issues.    

Foreign News

The foreign media reports that Los Angelese has stopped producing blue films. The reason for this is that few blue film actresses have got AIDS.  Though they had been advised to use a method like condoms, the producers say that using such method damaged the quality of the film. The foreign media further reports that […]

It is reported that there is an oppose for moving “Burger King” group from America to Canada. The company has purchased Tim Hortens for USD 11 billion. It is said that with this change  “Burger King” company will move their headquarters from Miami to Toronto. The company will get a huge change in income taxes […]

It is reported that according to the American officers, there are about 300 Americans among the ISIS rebels. They say that they are paying special attention on them. A senior officer has stated that though they know there are hundreds of American passport owners who have joined with ISIS, but, they do not know whether […]

The ISIS says that they will attack Saudi Arabia on the Haj day, The mecca season will be over from this Id Ul Alha day. The Takfiri militants have warned that when they receive money from Al Qaeda agents, they will start the attack. It is reported that if Saudi Arabia is collapsed by the […]

It is reported that the Islamic state has demanded USD 6.6m ransom for release an American female hostage who is in their custody. This lady is considered to be one of four who are in their custody. The 4th hostage James Foly was killed the other day and the Islamic state is threatening that the […]

The former CEO of the Royal Netherland Shell Company Jeroen Van der Veer says that no point of imposing economical sanctions to Russia. He says that the sanctions impost by E U didn’t work as expected. He says that only what happened was Russia imposed sanctions in return. He has stated this to a television […]

It is reported that Israeli spying drone is shot down by Iran Islamic force. As announced the target of this drone was in Natanz Nuclear facility. Iran military information reveals that the drone was destroyed before it reached to Natanz. According to an announcement issued by them it is clear about the activities of seon […]

It is reported that a 12 storied apartment tower has been destroyed by an Israel airstrike. The Safer tower at Tel Al Hava complex has been destroyed like this.The eye witnesses say that within few seconds of the two missiles, the  building with 44 houses collapsed. A resident said that people said “Alhu Akbar” while […]

The leader of Russian Liberal Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky has proposed that the Nobel Prize given to the American President Barak Obama should be taken back. He has stated that it is a mistake of giving the Nobel Prize to Obama in 2009. His view is that usually the Nobel prize is given to those who […]

It is reported that Malaysian police has arrested eight persons who had participated in the “nude” sports  games in Malaysia. This was named as “Nude Sports Games 2014″ and few videos were published in the networks. This was held at a remote beach in North West area in Malaysia and more than 10 people had […]