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At the concluded Uva provincial council election the UNP’s Chief Minister nominee Harin Fernando has created a new record in the history of provincial council elections by obtaining the highest percentage of preferential votes in comparison to the total number of votes the party received. Accordingly from the total number of votes received by UNP […]

The Minister of health Maithripala Sirisena had added while speaking at a meeting in the auditorium of the surgeons that most accidents on the roads is caused owing to motor cyclists. He emphasised that those who had suffered injuries should be treated with  medical and with psychiatric treatments.

The Minister of Media and Information Keheliya Rambukwella has quipped that there is going to be a drastic change in the technology that exists today. By year 2o20 he added that the whole country would turn to digital. In six months time the machines required would be brought down.In the year 2016 the Western and […]

At the conclusion of the Uva PC election the UNP’s Chief Minister candidate Hari Fernando had quipped that the UNP’s intentions fulfilled and  are on a path for victory. The Badulla vote base had been reduced by 50% and is happy about it.

The Minister of coconut development Jagath Pushpakumara has denied all false information that he is to cross over to the UNP. He had added that he has done so much to remain in the cabinet and there is no reason why he should leave his cabinet portfolio,after so much work put in to the government.

It  is learnt that UNP’s Head of the media ,Member of Parliament for Matara district  and Member of the UNP’s leadership council Mangala Samaraweera is to file action against the Member of parliament for Matara district Buddika Pathirana for bringing disrepute to his father Maahanama Samarawickrema and to the media freedom by voting  against a […]

It is reported that Susil Kidelpitiya,  a Member of Western provincial council and Chief Organiser of the Democratic Party Kolonnawa is to join the United National Party. It is learnt that he is having talks with Sajith Premadasa in this regard.

President’s media unit has revealed that H.E President Mahinda Rajapaksa is scheduled to leave the country this afternoon to proceed to the United States of America to attend to the 69th summit of the United Nations commencing on the 24th.. The President is to address the summit on the 25th.

The Ministers of the government Nimal Siripala de Silva and Dilan Perera have been defeated in their seats in Badulla district,in the Uva Provincial council election. Nimal Siripala de Silva has been defeated by 6098 votes in the Badulla seat and Dilan Perera by 2796 votes in the Hali Ela seat.

The UNP member of Haldanmulla pradeshiya saba, Nimal Karunaratne has faced a sward attack and hospitalized. In his complaint he has stated that he saw the Chairman of the Haldammulla pradeshiya saba among the gang who attacked him.

The Minister of Public relations and Public affairs Mervyn Silva has quipped that the government is harassing him all the time.He says he had felt it and he is tolerating the matter with patience,but will be taking a decision soon. He had told that the President is a very good person and it is the others […]

It is reported that the ex Chief Minister Shashendra Rajapaksa had polled the highest number of preferential votes from the Moneragala district in the Uva provincial council election.The names of the eight selected Members for the provincial council are as below: 1. Shashindra Rajapaksa   96619 2.Kumarasiri Ratnayake  59285 3.Udara Soysa         […]

The counting has been completed in the Uva provincial council election.The UPFA has won a resounding victory. The UPFA has secured 19 seats,UNP 13 seats and JVP 02 seats.The total number of votes polled by UPFA was 349906,UNP 274773,JVP 36580 For results of 2009 please refer Sinhala edition:

Other News

The  40th convocation of Sri Jayewardenapura University is scheduled to be held on the 24th and 25th of this month at the Bandaranaike International Memorial Hall.The Chief Guests for this occasion will be the Chancellor,Professor Ven.Bellanwila Wimalaratana Thera and Vice Chancellor Professor N.L.Karunaratna. On these days 2568 graduates  from the various faculties will receive graduations. […]

The Agriculture department and the Agriculture ministry together has commenced a pilot project in schools in Kandy, for school children to familiarize with consumption of fruits.The pilot project has been successful when implemented in Kandy schools. The intention is to inform a few other zonal education offices to start this exercise also as a pilot […]

The ICTA announces that they could open us a new Nenasala in just 24 hours. The experts point out that this could be a record in a history that a Nensala could be opened up in 24 hours. This Nenasala center was opened at Sri Jayasumanarama temple, Guruthalawa. This was established with the special instructions […]

The examination Commissioner General W M N J Pushpakumara says that the results of the Grade 5 scholarship will be issue at the end of this month. The results will be issued to the Principals of the schools. There were 334,600  students who sat  for the exam this year.      

It is said that in parallel with the Sri Lanka tour of the Chinese President Xi Jinping, several agreements have been signed between the two countries. Agreement in legal support, technical and economical development agreement, agreement related to Norochcholai heat power station, are among them. Further the two Presidents have signed for an educational supporting […]

The police Juniors are unhappy as the government has forgotten them when giving duty free bikes. The say that as there are no official vehicles provided by the police, they have to use their personal vehicles or rented vehicle.  They further pointed out that if they are given duty free bikes, a quality service can […]

The state children’s drama festival will  start tomorrow (15) at 5.00 p.m. at Nawa Rangahala. The dramas in Sinhala, Tamil and English will be staged on one stage.  From the three languages ,  30 dramas from the limited section and 18 from the open section will be staged. The ministry of cultural affairs invite all […]

Foreign News

Syrian President Bashar Azaad had said that it is illegal to attack  Syrian Islamic government targets.It has been announced in the library of the upper Members British parliament.The British government has warned not to flout the law.

A South Korean manufacturing Company has started to manufacture and market new products.One product is a rubber covering to fingers.These when worn on the fingers could be useful when eating sausages,burgers etc and it will protect from germs and bacteria..A pack containing 500 covers could be ordered in the internet at 18 pounds which is […]

The Russian President Vladimir Putin says that he appreciate the unity among Russians and their support to the politicians who are focusing on national targets, He has stated this at a discussion with the governors who had won in regional elections.Putin has stated that the Russians have proved that they are not worrying in front […]

It is reported that Russia and Syria are opposing the decision which are to be taken by America unilaterally to attack the ISIS targets in Syria. The spokesman of Russian defence ministry has stated that any attack without the approval from the U N security council are attacks breaching laws. He has stated that it […]

The Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that there is an attempt of attacking Syrian army while blasting ISIS targets. He has stated that this step can be taken to weaken the Syrian army He has stated this participating in a press conference after meeting the foreign Minister of Mali State. In such a situation, […]

A political commentator Bruce Gagnon  has stated that America might use the terrorist organizations like ISIS to weaken their enemies. Gagnon, the coordinator of the network against space weapons and nuclear weapons has stated that Saudi Arabia and America sponsored ISIS for a long time. He has stated that the target of American team is […]

The political Commentator Bill Jones says that America do spying in China as it is treated as an enemy to be. He has stated this expressing his ideas about the American spying crafts in the sky of east Asia. China has taken this as a big issue. The American  Deputy State Secretary Daniel Russel has […]

The Pope Francis has stated that the world political condition, crimes, etc are equal to a 3rd world war. He has stated that the war is not an intelligent task. The purpose of the war is to destroy the world ant it develops only through destruction. He has stated that the stingy for power, impatience […]

The American Economi special Mark Thonton says that the decline of the US Dollar has got speed up due to the conflict between America and Russia. He says that due this conflict, the countries have started doing their transactions in their own currencies without dealing in dollars. His idea is the pressure comes back to […]

It is reported that data of 5 million of Google accounts have leaked out. It is reported that a collection of the data of 4.93 million accounts have been published by Bitcon Security Board. The management has removed the pass words before publishing.A member of the board Tvskit has stated that more than 60% of […]