Hot News

It is reported that a high speed police motor bike imported from Japan has crashed with the Dimo Batta in Anuradhapura area. The value of one motor bike is Rs. 30 lakhs and there have 315 bikes been imported.

The people of all the divisions in Monaragala district are suffering from the drought. It has become very difficult to find drinking water not only for the animals but for the humans. It has become a common scene that the children selling water lily roots to the people going on the main roads. They said […]

The Management of Face Book Company has stated that the reason for suspending the F B account of Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka will be investigated. The Minister has stated that the Company has informed this when he inquired about blocking his account without any notice. The Company has informed him that he will be notified […]

Face Book Company has explained the reason for stopping the F B account of the Secretary General of Bodu Bala Sena Galabodaaththe Gnanasara thero. The Company says that the decision was taken as there are revenging statements and symbols. Further the Company says that the decision was taken as the thero breached the condition and […]

It is revealed at the parliament that the income for the month of May at the Mattala International Air Port is Rs. 16.185/-. This was disclosed at the discussion between UNP parliamentarian Harsha de Silva and Minister of Civil Aviation Priyankara Gunaratne. During the month of May, Mattala air port has not earned even a […]

The  Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe questions how to develop the country when there are elections during five months of the year destroying money. He said this addressing media after meeting the Chief Incumbents of the Malwathu- Asgiri Chapters. He proposed that the parliamentary election and the provincial council election of the nine provinces should be […]

It is reported that the police has stopped four Sri Lankan cyclists of the team who have gone for the Commonwealth games in Scotland, for riding cycles along the Expressway close to Glasgow town. Police has ordered them to get down from their cycles. Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee has recorded the scene and added to […]

Sabaragamuwa provincial Member Hasitha Muhandiram says that there is a conspiracy of destroying “Wallapatta” by growing alternative plants. He said that some Multi-National Companies give a huge publicity to some alternative plants and it is our responsibility to stop such things which affect the bio diversity of Sri Lanka.  

Customs investigation reveals that there were 50 kgs of heroin imported from Pakistan had got released from customs about 3 months back. It was revealed at the investigations done regarding  the seizing of 100 kgs of heroin in 3 grinding machines. The media spokesman of customs said that there were only 93.76 kgs there in […]

It is reported that leaders of few parties in the opposition and the former President Chandrika Kumarathunga will be participated in the program against the executive presidency which is organized by National Movement for Social Justice. The committee member Ravi Jayawardana said to the media that Ven.Sobitha Thera, UNP Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe, JVP Leader Anura Dissanayake, […]

Bodu Bala Sena has released a video regarding the incidents that had taken place in Aluthgama and Beruwala. Please watch the video below.

The Police media spokesman S S P Ajith Rohana says that there is no police if a police media spokesman is not there. He said this while participating in the Derana “Wada Pitiya”, First he said that his responsibility is to protect the crown and corrected it as “government” and said that the government is […]

It is reported that due to a conflict with a senior officer of Sri Lanka Cricket and all rounder Thisara Perera ,has decided to leave cricket as had been selected to the ‘A’ team. It is said that he is taking psychiatric  treatment for his mental distress due to sending him out from the National […]

Other News

The second and final Test between Sri Lanka and the touring South Africa began at the S.S.C grounds,Maitland Place. Angelow Mathews won the toss and elected to bat. The live espncricinfo score card and the live telecast could be viewed from the Sinhala edition

The prison department says that there are 421 who are given death punishment last year. There are 3 women among them. Most of them (271)  are retained at Welikada prison. The prison report says that 134 are retained at Bogambara prison. Meantime, there are 226 prisoners who are sentenced until death.

The Post Master General says that the postal charges will be revised in the near future. He said that it is supposed to present the related proposal to the cabinet, He said that there will be an increase in business postal charges and this revision is done after 6 years. It is said that the […]

The election secretariat announces that those who are willing to cast the postal vote should apply for that before the 06th of August. Presenting applications was started on the 18th. The applications  are to be sent through the sectional heads before the 06th August. There are 942730 voters are eligible to cast their vote for […]

The annual executive meeting of APPU will be held 15th September to 19th September in Sri Lanka. The inaugural meeting will be held with the presence of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa. After the CHOGM held in Sri Lanka last year, this meeting will be held with the participation of 32 countries, and this will help […]

The Minister Gamini Lokuge says that the ministry of labour and labour relations has decided to prepare a new set of rules for the manpower companies and register them in a proper way. He says that this decision was taken as the manpower Companies employ workers on contract basis with out any quality standards. He […]

A kite carnival is to be held at Point Pedro beach today in parallel with the social integration week. This carnival has been organized by Ministry of National Languages & Social Integration, volunteer program of U N  and Sri Lanka Kites Association. There will also be items related to Tamil and Sinhala cultures, musical shows, […]

Foreign News

The Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Company Satya Nadella says that in the next year he will send 18,000 Microsoft employees out. He has stated that he is doing this to restructure the work force.Accordingly, 14% of the employees will be sent out and it is the largest number in the history of Microsoft. Nadella […]

An air craft has met with an sudden accident while landing in Taiwan.  Foreign media reports that 56 passengers have died. The air craft has met with this accident while flying on a local air track in Pengu Islands.

It is reported that the black box of “MH 17″ has been handed over to the Malaysian authorities. Handing over the black box Prime Minister of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” Alexander Borodai has stated that as per the agreement it will be handed over to the specialists of international civil aviation service, by Malaysia. Colonel […]

The political reviewer Paul Grec Roberts says that the media operation in Washington has highly activated after the MH17 aircraft felling down to Ukraine. He says that this media operation deletes even the known facts about the incident. Most of the western media tried to place the responsibility on Russia. According to him, the eastern […]

A team of American lawyers has requested that if nothing has been mentioned in the last will, the access to all the internet accounts should be given to the family members of the owner. They request from the American government that the relevant laws should be implemented. The American law commission has stated that in […]

A new study has revealed that the canals on Mars are made out of dry Carbon dioxide. The canals on the earth are made out of water and in 2000 when canals are found in Mars, the scientists had hopes that there are water on the Mars. But the photographs taken by Obiter craft shows […]

The reviewers say that the American President Barak Obama is responsible for the human issues arisen with the Mexican refugee conflicts.This conflict has arisen with allowing thousands of children to enter America via America- Mexico boundary. It is reported that to oppose this, the governor of Texas Rik Perry has refused meeting  President Obama who […]

It is reported that Peter Mckelvy has stated  that 20 senior people like  parliamentarians,  judges, etc have been doing child abuses for a long time. He has stated to “BBC Night” program that they do it in the worst way. Mckelvy has stated that they take children place to place and treat them as  bundles […]

It is reported that Chinese cyber attackers have stolen data from American computer systems.Authorities have stated that this has happened in March before the attack was identified. It has not been revealed how far they could steel the data of peoples management department.Peoples’ management department has stored all the data about the government servants. It […]

It reported that it has been started selling Marijuana legally in Washington. Hence, Washington has become the second region that sell marijuana legally. Before that this was started in Colorado state ,It is said that there were huge queues in front of the shops. Though American federal officers treat Marijuana as a drug, in 2012 […]