Hot News

The chairman of the Western province road transport authority Amila Ranmandala says that the prepaid card systems is compulsory for the buses in the Western province with effect from 01st September. There are around 630 private buses in the Western province and out of them and the prepaid cards are already used in Avissawella – […]

The skin specialists association says that some injections given at the saloons for whitening is a medicine given to the cancer patients to minimize side effects while doing Chemotherapy. The association says that when chemotherapy is given, the skin gets white and this medicine is used to keep it in balanced colour.  

At the western provincial meeting the Minister of power and energy Upali Kodikara said that Ranil Wickremasinghe does not have children. The opposition leader Manju Sri Arangala, Chief Organizer Harshana Rajakaruna, former Chief Organizer George Perera were strict in answering that “who is the father of Kodikara’s children” Due to the harsh wordings, that discussion […]

A British lady (20) has made a complaint to police that an individual had abused her while she was in Kuda Kalli area, Arugambey. At the moment she is getting treatment at Ampara hospital. She has stated that she faced this incident while walking on the beach and no one has been arrested in this […]

The Director of Irrigation Department Janaki Meegasthenna says that only the 1% of the tanks were filled after the rain. She said that the water level of the tanks are reduced to 13% and by yesterday it has gone up to 14%.

The parliamentarian Vidura Wickramanayake says that the parents have stolen the childhood of their own children. He said this addressing a meeting in Ihala Bomiriya. He further said that competition among the students is good but, when it goes over the limit their world get crashed.  

It is reported that Weligama police has arrested a mother (34) who was trying to jump in to the sea after throwing her son (4) in to the sea. Few fishermen have taken them to the land, but, the child was dead.  

Most of the Seniors in SLFP are against the statement made by the Secretary General of SLFP that the party has no idea of cancelling the Executive President’ship. It is said that they are willing to state this in public and most of them believe that the Executive President position should be cancelled.  

Police headquarters says that the information about the 3rd drug king who imported the 59 kgs of heroin to Sri Lanka is being revealed. The police media spokesman S S P Ajith Rohana says that this bulk has been sent by another party other than Wele Sudda and Siddhik Mohamed. This 3rd person is one […]

The Deputy Minister Lakshman Wasantha Perera says that no politician produce beer or arrack in Matale district. He further said that he also aware that some people are producing beer using rice.  He stressed that though he has got connections with a rice mill, beer or arrack are not produced there. He further said that […]

The “women for rights” organization says that there should be an investigation carried out regarding the incident of assaulting a youth by a young lady at Wariyapola. The president of the organization says that if she has assaulted the youth using her power over the limit, it is not accepted. Expressing his ideas about the […]

The eldest son of  President Mahinda Rajapaksa, parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa has answered to a question made about his girl friend. Expressing his ideas with a news paper he has stated that the date he leaves his single life will be decided by his parents. When the journalist asked about his girlfriend he said ” I […]

The BBS says that Mervin Silva today represents Andaree of those days. Addressing media in Colombo, the Secretary General Galabodaaththe Gnanasara thero said that Mervin Silva should make his children first. The thero said that the election work will  start  next month.  

Other News

It is reported that 12 prison officers have been arrested during last year for doing illegal things including  supplying mobile phones to prisoners. The report of 2013 says that 2 officers are suspended and others have given punishments. These officers were working at the prisons of Colombo remand, Welikara and Magazine.    

The Western provincial Member Udaya Gammanpila has observed that a huge number of people are wasting time on Wednesday to meet him. To avoid that, the opportunity is given to reserve the time via web site. You can log in to and get a time fixed to meet him. Those who do not have […]

The Central Bank announces that the treasury bills of 1000 ten lakhs for 91 days, 1000 ten lakhs for 182 days and 8000 ten lakhs for 364 days will be auctioned on the 20th. Accordingly the issues and payments will be made on the 22nd.        

National museum department announces that three sections of the Colombo museum will be closed for renovation. The department says that the other sections will be opened for public as usual.    

It is reported that the urban development authority has estimated that the cost of cleaning Bogambara prison which was emptied, will be to about Rs 30 million rupees. It is supposed to complete cleaning in 3 months and according to the central province coordinator of the authority Lalith Wijeratne says that it is expected to […]

It is reported that the police has estimated Rs. 55 million for the security of the Uva province. Police says that the cost for removing the posters will be  Rs 4 million. Police expect to allocate 5 labourers for a HQI office, 4 for an ordinary police station and 3 for a small police station.

The 2nd Test match Sri Lanka vs Pakistan is being held at SSC grounds. This is the last Test match of Mahela Jayawardana. Live telecast and the espncricinfo scoreboard could be viewed from the Sinhala edition….

Foreign News

The video of killing the American journalist James Foli by Syrian rebels has been released to the internet This incident had taken place in year 2012, while he had gone to Syria for reporting. America has stated that if it is a true video it will be thoroughly rejected.

The physiologist Samantha Rodman says that women get false views about the sexual relationship with their partners. She says that most of the women think that climax is most important in the relationship and the partners expect it. But her idea is that the one who invites more and more relationship would like the soft […]

It is reported that Russia has started issuing Union Pay credit cards as an alternative due to the conflict with American Visa and Master Credit card systems. The Union Pay credit card was released in 2002 for the Chinese local market, but rapidly got popular with international. It is said that the leading banks in […]

It is said that Germany, Poland, Finland and Baltic Countries are at loss by the sanctions imposed by Russia in importing agro products. E U market more depends on exports to Russia and last year it was 10% of their total exports. The percentage of German exports to Russia is 3.3%. The agricultural Minister of […]

The former states Secretary Hillary Clinton says that she never hit the foreign policy of the president Barak Obama. One of her media spokesman Nick Meril has stated that she has spoken to Obama over the phone to avoid misunderstanding about a statement made by her. Hillary Clinton had stated to a news paper that […]

It is reported that an American fuel giant  Exon Mobil Company with Rosneft Company in Russia has started fuel exploration in the Arctic ocean, without considering about the sanctions. In video conference with the Russian president, the CEO of Exon Mobil, Russia Glen Waller has stated that the company is willing to work with the […]

The consumer protection institute in Russia has decided to sue McDonalds for breaching the rules. There was a suspicious regarding some items sold at McDonalds and first started checking the McDonalds in Veliky Novgorod area. According to a report issued, it has found “e coli” bacteria which is usually found in human stool. The nutrition […]

It is reported that Russian Communist Minister have made a request to prohibit importation of cigarette, liquor and carbonized drinks from the countries which have imposed sanctions against Russia. They have presented this proposal when the Russian Putin prohibited the agro products produced in Europe. They say that the a part of rich people who […]

It is reported that there is an agreement signed between Russia and Iran for the goods against energy. This agreement of understanding has been signed by the Russian power and energy minister Alexender Novac and the Iran petroleum minister Bijan Namdar. The focus has spread in a vast range like relationships in fuel and gas […]

Foreign media reports that 40 have died in an air craft crash in Iran. An internal passenger transport air craft has met with this accident close to Teheran air port.