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Minister of Defense, Gotabhaya Rajapakse stated that even though terrorism was totally removed from Sri Lanka by winning the war, LTTE organization is still active in Sri Lanka with foreign back up. He made this comment addressing the Asian Defense Services Exhibition that is held in Malaysia. He also pointed out that in order to […]

A group of UNP parliamentarians who have gone on a tour to the Mattala Airport today afternoon have been hooted and been scolded in filth. Five MPs have joined this observation tour and they have faced this incident as they were about to get into the bus finishing the tour. It is reported that Ajith […]

A hand of a person has been cut off from his wrist while he has been walking along the road in the night. This incident has taken place at Anguruwatota, Agalhena area. A person named, Indika Prasanna has faced this incident and the Police states that this would have been done as a way of […]

Minister of Defense, Gotabhaya Rajapakse stated that even though terrorism was totally removed from Sri Lanka by winning the war, LTTE organization is still active in Sri Lanka with foreign back up. He made this comment addressing the Asian Defense Services Exhibition that is held in Malaysia. He also pointed out that in order to […]

Organizer of Matugama from the UNP, Palitha Thewarapperuma has been chased away from his position for trying to assault UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe. Instead of him, Jagath Vithana who got the highest number of votes from Kalutara district has been appointed. A disciplinary inquiry is being conducted against him.    

The treasurer of the Sri Lanka Cricket stated that there is a possibility of selling the ownership of broadcasting cricket matches after Sri Lanka won the T 20-20 World Cup. “When the cleverness of our cricket team went up, sponsorship agreements and the ownership of broadcasting cricket matches can be sold for higher prices. This […]

UNP Parliamentarian, Range Bandara states that a politician in the government is behind the stealing and corruption in the country. “The government was lying from the beginning. Corruption and bribery and living off the commission were the famous secrets of the government. If there is corruption, the government is behind them. We have reached the […]

  Chief Secretary, of BBS, Galabodaththe Gnanasara requests five ministers to come for a debate with him since one is not enough .Addressing a media conference, he challenged Wimal Weerawansa, Dilan Perera, Vasudeva Nanyakkara, Rishad Badurdeen and Rauff Hakeeem to come for a debate .He emphasized that a debate with one Minister is not enough […]

Three complaints have been received to Moratumulla Police station stating that a UNP Provincial Council Minister and a former Urban Council Minister has assaulted a young girl by hauling her up on the wall by touching her from the breasts. The complaint states that this incident has taken place at a house at Moratumulla while […]

It is reported that 27 year old Viraj Dilanka who is a photographer of the President’s Media Unit had drowned at Tangalle’s Mandilla Sea while bathing. He has been hospitalized and passed away at the ICU at Tangalle General Hospital. He has been a resident at Matale.      

Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC) which conducts researches on the terrorist organizations, has named Bodu Bala Sena as a terrorist organization. Terrorist organizations use terrorism to achieve a particular target. TRAC reports that Bodu Bala Sena attacked a number of other religious people including Muslims and Catholics and that BBS works very closely with […]

Sri Lanka cricket Institute information reveals that Malinga is supposed to be the captain of T20-20 in future.  Accordingly, Malinga will lead Sri Lanka and  the England T20-20 tour which is scheduled to be in next month. It is said that Malinga will lead the team for the T20-20 which will be held in England. […]

On 10th of April, the American President Barak Obama has participated in a conference at Lindon B Jonhson President library with his wife Michel Obama. The journalists who went there to cover the programme have stated that when getting on and getting out the first lady has faced a difficulty. There was a windy weather […]

Other News

There will be a road exhibition in London, organized by the Sri Lanka share market and the Securities and Exchange Commission. This will be held jointly with the London share market. Ibukun Adebayo, the head of primary markets said that there were good reaction to the exhibition held in 2010 in Sri Lanka and there […]

The Central Bank report reveals that at the end of last year, 10% of the population use internet. The report says that during 2013 the internet connection have been increased by 47% and majority is due to mobile internet connections. According to the report, the users without having a proper data package are not included […]

The Deputy Minister of Health services Lalith Dissanayake says that we have enough stocks of medicine and we have the best health service in South East Asia. He said that the drug policy proposed by Prof. Senaka Bibile was approved by the cabinet in 2005 and it is reviewed in every five years. At the […]

It is reported that there is a green leave similar to the wild Mukunuwenna which was prohibited by the health officers is now in the market. The leaves are bigger and the stem is like a tube.  The taste of Mukunuwenna is not there in these leaves.

The Minister of agriculture Mahinda Yapa Abeywardana says that due to the drought had these days, the paddy cultivation of “Yala” season is at risk. So far it has been cultivated only in 50,000 hectares of land and it is not sure whether 100,000 hectares could be cultivated. He further said that as there was […]

ICTA has sponsored the information technology exhibition IT INFO 2014 organized by Vishaka Vidyalaya, Colombo 4. ICTA has opened up a special stall which will educate the school children about information technology as well as the Cyber protection.  

The statistical department reports that the the unemployment percentage in Sri Lanka has come down to 4.1%. According to the latest report issued by the department it reveals that at the end of the last quarter of last year the women unemployment was 6.4% and the unemployment percentage of the male was 2.8%.

Foreign News

Foreign media reports that a South Korean ship with 470 passengers had sunk in the sea close to South West coastal area. Students who were going on an educational trip to the island “Jesu” were there in the ship.  

It is reported that people in most of the areas in Eastern Ukraine are protesting against Kiev’s ruling. It is said that the Federalists have acquired the Municipal building of Mactica town. The administration building of Donetsk Kartik has also been acquired by the protestors. They have removed the Ukraine flag there and hoisted the […]

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that European Union is very much keen on the letter sent by the Russian president Putin to 18 countries. She says that there are many reasons for that.  Europe will give a joint answer for it. It is supposed to discuss this matter at a meeting of Foreign Ministers of […]

A team of Russian political parties have made a request from the Attorney-General  to do an investigation on collapsing of the Soviet Union. It is said that there is a plan of taking legal actions against the former President Mikhail Gorbachev.The complaining party says that in the election held in March 1991 it was decided […]

Before the news that Toyota company has recalled a stock of vehicles due to defects is diluted, there is a news that came up that the largest vehicle company in India has recalled a stock of vehicle to correct the defects. “The Hindu” News paper has reported that there are more than 100,000 of Ertiga, […]

It is reported that few German experts have given their support to the Russian President Vladimir Putin.It is reported that Yoshan Shoshal, a retired Air Force Officer has sent an open letter to the President. This letter has been signed by hundreds of doctors, lawyers, journalists, scientists, etc.In that letter it explains and is said […]

Japan has ordered to attack if North Korea will continue to test missiles close to Japan sea. The Minister of Defense Itsunori Onodera has given this order for the period from 3rd April to 25th April. Meantime North Korea is planning to celebrate the 82nd anniversary of Public Army. This is the 5th time Japan […]

It is reported that Oho San Hong, a senior politician of North Korea has been condemned to death.  The President Kim Jong  Un has stated that he is a enemy of the government. Oh San Hong was the Deputy Chief of the Ministry of public security and that he was a close friend of Jang […]

The Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that the condition that The Syrian President Basar Azaad  should be resigned from his post for the next Geneva discussions cannot be accepted. He has stated that what ever type of terrorism can not be accepted and it is not reasonable under any circumstances He has further stated that […]

It is reported that Philippine has requested the International to help to solve the conflict regarding the South China sea.It is said that Philippine has blocked the discussions.  According to the political commenters, it is a wrong decision taken by Philippine. In 2006 China has confirmed the ownership of the South China sea.  International influence […]