Hot News

Ven. Keppetiyagoda Siriwimala has made a special request from the president to include the least qualification that is needed for a person to be minister into the constitution of the country in order to save the country from corrupted politicians that enter the politics. He emphasized the importance of protecting the country from corrupted politicians […]

Parliamentarian, Magala Samaraweera stated that the god father of the thug culture in Sri Lanka was revealed by the speech given by Mahinda Rajapakse regarding the UNP MPs who were attacked at Hambantota. President stated that the public that was mad at them attacked the Mps. He stated that now it is time to get […]

The health units suspect that the private hospitals in Sri Lanka have connections with the kidney racket done between Sri Lanka and India. They says if such a racket is done, there should be medical centers with high facilities. Considering all these facts, they have decided to take a report of the kidney surgeries done […]

It is supposed to have a discussion between Navineetham Pillai and the U N Secretary General Ban Ki Moon before appointing a war crime investigation team. According to the embassy information, the attention will be paid to the individuals whom will be appointed and it will be done by the month of May.    

The Sri Lanka cricket institute says that a disciplinary inquiry will not be held against Mahela Jayawardana and Kumar Sangakkara. This has been confirmed by the President of SLC Jayantha Dharmadasa and the Vice President Mohan Silva.  

The Police Media Spokesman, ASP Ajith Rohana says that due to the officers without back bone, the good will of the Police department is being destroyed daily. He said that he requested from the IGP to suspend the service of the officers who did nothing at the time of the attack to UNP Parliamentarians at […]

It is reported that the International Muslim Community has paid respect and honour at a University in Cairo, to the Senior Lawyer Karunaratne Herath for the book written by him on “Muslim Law”. He participated in this ceremony on an invitation from the al Ashad University. The Chancellor has stated at the ceremony that the […]

Minister of Wild Life Conservation Vijith Vijithamuni Soysa stated that a single permanent construction has not been done in Wilpattu sanctuary that is under the department of Forest Conservation. However, he stated that that some people have resided in the Northern border of Wilpattu named, Mollikulam and that they are living in tents. Since legal […]

Sri Lanka Cricket Institute reports that the conflicts that arose between the institute and the cricketers are over and that the cricketers have signed an agreement. This agreement is valid for the next five years. Cricketers took part in the World T 20-20 World Cup Matches without signing any contracts.  

A conflict has arisen as Bodu Bala Sena Organization has raided Minister Rishard Badureen’s office. The situation has got further violent since the Police have been called for security.  

The UNP media Chief, Matara District Parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera says that the whole world has accepted that Sri Lanka has a Mafia ruling and has become a “Thug land”. Addressing media in Colombo, he further said ” the attack to the UNP parliamentarians who were on a visit to the heart of Rajapaksa regiment has […]

There are conflicts in U N P and other few parties regarding the statements made by Madoluwawe Sobitha thero who will be contesting as the Common Candidate at the Presidential election. The issue has arisen regarding the ideas that as a Buddhist monk, the support from the other religions will not be received.

It is been looked into the possibility of having Parliament meetings in Hambantota as the Sri Jayawardenapura Parliament complex is  to be repaired The government information reveals that the international conference hall in Hambantota is considered for this. When the renovation is started, the meeting cannot be held at least for 3 months. But during […]

Other News

ICTA says that another Nenasala will be opened for the “Abimansala” center. This is the 3rd Abimansala where the Nenasala is opened. ICTA says that they are happy to be able to provide this service to the war heroes as this is very much useful to the others in the society. This Nenasala will be […]

The Foreign Employment Bureau has decided to temporary stop sending the workers to Lybia, considering the conflict situation there. An announcement issued by the Bureau says that the arrangements will be made to bring 20 employees working there back to Sri Lanka.  

The Divisional Secretariats gather the information about the temples island wide. This programme is conducted according to the instructions of the Department of Buddhist affairs and forms are available at Divisional Secretariats. The Department says that the details of the common facilities available, the income and the services to the religion should be included therein. […]

The second term of the schools which were closed on the 08th for the Sinhala Hindu New Year will be started today. Muslim schools were closed for the holiday on the 10th and reopened on the 16th.  

Ministry of Higher Education has decided to change the degrees in the Universities. The Secretary of the Ministry Dr. Sunil Jayantha Nawaratne said that under this system the courses, methods of teaching and the marking system will be changed. The new system will be executed from this year and he has made request to the […]

The Media Director Sri Lanka Army Brigadier  Jayanath Jayaweera said that the army will activate the drug prevention programme in parallel with the national programme. For the first training there will be 3000 army officers and they will be divided in to the groups of 150 members. He further said that the Dangerous Drug Control […]

The Ministry of education has decided to give Rs 01 lakh to each National School to buy books. The Minister Bandula Gunawardana says that Rs. 35 million will be needed for that. He further said that this money will be given to buy books from the exhibition which will be held from 2nd May to […]

Foreign News

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that America should be responsible for the parties they have given power rather than issuing final warnings that they will impose sanctions if the requests are not attended He has stated this at a joint media conference had with the Mozambique Foreign Minister. Lavrov stated that there is […]

Poland Defense  Minister says that they are ready to support to strengthen the NATO army power in Eastern Europe.He has stated this after a discussion has with American Defense Secretary. He has stressed that to face Russia, America should change their focus to Europe.Earlier he had requested to retain 10000 American soldiers in Poland. At […]

The Russian President Vladimir Putin says that there is no reason for not bringing the relationship between Western and Russia to the normal situation. He says that it is not a individual reason of Russia or America and it is also a responsibility of the friends of the two countries.He has stated this joining a […]

It is reported that there was a fire at the Data Center of the Samsung located at Gwacheon, South Korea and the customers have faced huge difficulties. Due to this fire, the web site has collapsed and the customers could not use some of the services through “smart phones”, “tablets” and “televisions”. The Company […]

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Wasily Nebensya says that the American sanction against Iran are not valid for the economical relationship between Russia and Iran. He has stated that the discussions are going on in relation with the economical and commercial relationships. As reported, he has stressed that Russia does not need to give up […]

Russian President says that Russia is not doing large scale spying services.He has stated this answering the ex CIA officer Edward Snowden. Snowden (30) has joined this via internet from a undisclosed place and stated that by two investigations done by the White House it was proved that large scale spying services are not useful […]

The American President Barak Obama says that Moscow governors know that American army is stronger than Russian army.He has stated that Russia is not willing to start a war with them. Obama has stated this expressing his ideas about moving a Russian war craft close to American war ship which was kept in black sea. […]

It is reported that as China has banned importing gene developed wheat, the export of American wheat to China has come down by 85%. According to a latest report the loss to the American merchant is USD 427 million. China took steps to ban American stocks from last November as MIR 162 gene has found […]

Foreign media reports that a South Korean ship with 470 passengers had sunk in the sea close to South West coastal area. Students who were going on an educational trip to the island “Jesu” were there in the ship.  

It is reported that people in most of the areas in Eastern Ukraine are protesting against Kiev’s ruling. It is said that the Federalists have acquired the Municipal building of Mactica town. The administration building of Donetsk Kartik has also been acquired by the protestors. They have removed the Ukraine flag there and hoisted the […]