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The chairman of ports authority reveals that the operation of the 4 berths at Hambantota harbour has been handed over to companies owned by China. Participating in a discussion with a week end English paper, the chairman Dr. Priyath Bandu Wickrama has stated that this was something agreed in 2010. He said that in lieu […]

The UNP’s burst in team led by the Assistant Leader Ravi Ravi Karunanayake, Ajith P Perera,R Yogaraja and Nalin Bandara had visited the customs training school in Slave Island.It is learnt that when they were to check the malpractices they had been attacked and they have had to turn back.

The UNP’s leadership council Leader Karu Jayasuriya has added that the renovation contract for the official residence of Sri Lanka’s permanent representative at Geneva had been given at a cost of over rupees two million to a LTTE leader who had been in the Police custody in Switzerland.This had been offered without calling for  a […]

The Minister of construction,engineering services and common amenities, Wimal Weerawansa has been furious of the recruiting Company “Man power supplier Service” as they supply employees to work as slaves.issuing a circular to this affect he had emphasized that any employee has the right of receiving benefits and enjoy privileges from the employer. But this recruiting Company […]

It has been revealed that the Western Provincial Council Member UNP, S.M.Marikkar has been entrusted with the task of polishing and enhancing the personality of the Presidential candidate Ranil Wickremasinghe, while it is learnt that a group  of specialists led by the former media unit head of UNP, Mangala Samaraweera has been appointed to sling […]

One of the leaders of the Baratha Janatha party  Professor Subramaniam Swamy has suggested to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to award the highest award”Barath Rathna”, to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.He had attributed this for the efforts taken by him to eradicate their biggest enemy the LTTE.

The Minister of Health Maithripala Sirisena speaking at a felicitation ceremony of Professor Senaka Bibile has claimed that the Drugs Act had disappeared at the Attorney Generals department in the year 2010 and a lady by the name of Theresa is held responsible.In this regard she would be punished by gods.

The UNP,Member of parliament for Gampaha district Ajith Manapperuma who was in hospital having amputated a leg following an accident on the SEH,had said while returning home that he is still in a strong frame of mind after fixing an artificial leg had vouched that he will protect people travelling on the SEH when the […]

The Deputy Leader of the United National Party Sajith Premadasa while speaking at a water project scheme for the poor in Hambantota,Badagiriya,Yahangala area has added that the UPFA government is very strong like a massive rock has huge branches everywhere.The Administrators are everywhere  below tress in garbage dumb and everywhere. There duty is to serve […]

To talk about the presidential election,the President Mahinda Rajapaksa intends to meet all leaders of the Alliance parties individually.He has had taks already with the leaders of the Ceylon Workers Congress and the National Freedom Party and he hopes to meet the other leaders soon. Today a vital meeting is scheduled between the President and […]

A very strange incident has been reported from a rural village in Kurunegala district where a Master had sold a Bull who had served him for many services to a slaughter house some miles away.When this Bull was in the slaughter house had escaped and run a few miles and come to Master’s house and […]

The ‘Kudu’ channel net work had been slinging mud at the Minister of fisheries and Aquatic resources Rajitha Senaratna continuously and he had told the authorities not to stop investigations on the owner and family members on matters pertaining to dealing of drugs.. He had added this during an interview he has had with the […]

The Minister Johnston Fernando had told Saroj Pathirana of ‘Sandeshaya’ while having an interview that he has no regrets for scolding Member of parliament Ranjan Ramanayake in obscene words during the live Hiru television programme ‘Balaya’ He had also said that as he had told Arundika Fernando did not come to kill him after the programme […]

Other News

The established Korean ” Smart Class Room”is to be installed  and handed over to Sri Lanka government today at the Mahinda Rajapaksa Madhya Maha Vidyalaya Homagama.The Chief Guests for the occasion would be the Minister of Education Bandula Gunawardena,the Korean Ambassador,Korean education ministry officials and special representative from six countries.

The Ministry of fisheries and Aquatic Resources have confirmed that 79 Sri Lankan fishermen have been arrested in foreign countries.There are 28 boats also in their custody.They have been arrested for breach of foreign sea borders.

It is reported that 1000 bus drivers and conductors are to be absorbed in to SLTB,to fill the vacancies in Depots in Colombo,Gampaha and Kalutara.The deputy chairman of the SLTB L.G Wimalaratna had said those in these areas who are permanent residents could apply until the 14th of next month.Those selected would be filled into […]

The officials of the Meteorological department has predicted a rain fall of over 150 mm in certain areas which has been owing to sudden disturbances in the atmosphere.This rain has been predicted in the next 24 hours

The 11th National summit of J H U will be held tomorrow at 2.30 p.m. at the auditorium of National Youth Services Center, Maharagama. The theme will be “Adeena Hetak… Sadarana Samajayak” and the JHU says that it will be a start for a national agenda explaining the direction the country goes, the international challenges […]

In adherence to the President’s ‘Mahinda Thinthana’, concept 20,000 milking cows are to be imported from Australia.As a  initial step 1500 milking cows have been imported  from Australia and they have been distributed among dairy farmers in up country and in dry zones.This is a start to make the country self sufficient in milk. In […]

The articles published by the Deputy Minister  of education Mohanlal Grero in the ‘Lankadeepa’, newspaper  titled ‘Iskolahandiya’ for nearly seven years together with other worthwhile similar articles published in the same newspaper have been amalgamated to publish this book ‘Muhunu Potha’.The book had been officially launched on the 14th instant. The Deputy Minister has requested […]

Foreign News

The former CIA Officer Edward Snowden requests to stop using software which challenges the privacy. He has stated this during a discussion with New York magazine. He has further stated that they are not either citizens or the leaders any more and they are having only the owner and the worker relationship. His idea is […]

The Russian president Vladimir Putin says that the attempt of making Russia isolated by imposing sanctions is a joke. He says that it is a challenge to the healthy economy of the world.He has mentioned these expressing the ideas to Serbian “politica” news paper. His ideas is that sanctions will not support to pressure Russia […]

It is reported that a smartphone software has been released which delivers a pot of ganja to the door step. This has been named as Medove and can be received through android phones.The creator David Huwa says that Marjuwana can be delivered from legally approved pharmacies to those who live in San Francisco bay. Only […]

It is reported that an Army Lady Officer has ordered army to chase Obama away by a conspiracy. Debbie Danigan Waters of who is a republican supporting officer working in Jefersan has mentioned this in her F B page. She has questioned American army why they do not chase away the commanding officer by a […]

It is reported that the Indian Supreme Courts has released the former TamilNadu’s  Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram who was imprisoned for earning properties in illegal ways,  on bail.  

A political analyst Pepe Escobar says that the reducing of fuel prices is a economical strategic operation of Saudi Arabia. He has stated that a number of fuel suppliers in the word supply fuel at lower rates to fulfill their political needs. Saudi Arabia has not reduced their production. Syria and Libya has a low […]

It has been revealed that the information is exchanged between the Ukraine defence ministry and the investigation team of MH 17. Ukraine hackers by the name of Cyber Berkut have revealed this. Cyber Berkut has stated that they could enter in to the network of Ukraine defence ministry.  A report with the signature of Ukraine […]

It is reported that the American Vice President Jo Biden has begged  pardon from the Turkey’s President  Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding a statement made by him. At a lecture done at Harvard university he had stated that the Turkey President told him that the ISIS members were allowed to enter Syria and the steps are […]

It is reported that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has not met people for more than one month. The last public event he has participated was the Moranbong musical show on the 03rd September. He had been there with his wife Ri Sol-ju, sister Kim Yo-jun and other senior officers. The government media has […]

The Ireland political reviewer Brian Mcdonald says that Ukraine has faced a huge crisis. He has stated that most of the economists say that Ukraine will be bankrupted. His idea is that the governors have forgotten that it was a corrupted region before the change in power. Mcdonald has stated that the financial aids given […]