British embassy in Argentina attacked; An effigy of Prince William burned.
According to the foreign reports,the British embassy in Argentina was attacked during the demonstrations held in Buenos Aires to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Falkland War, yesterday.An extremist group who believes that, the Falkland Island should be recaptured by Argentina, is suspected to be behind this attack.Foreign media reports say that,the demonstrators  smashed through the protective barriers and attacked the embassy.
Remonstrating against the British invasion on an island belongs to their country,they have set fire on the British flag and an effigy of Prince William.
Leader of this extremist group, called ‘Quebracho’,has said that, British Monarchy is directly responsible for this invasion.
The Falkland Island which was a British colony since the imperialist regime, was captured by the Argentinian forces in 1982. The British army has invaded the island again and driven away the Argentinian forces. 


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