United Kingdom suffers another economic setback.

March 8, 2012 at 3:43 pm | Lanka C News.

United Kingdom has reported another economic setback. The British economy, graded as the sixth largest economy of the world,and considered as the’ Sun Never Sets,Empire, has came down to the seventh place against Brazil.
Accordingly, the B.B.C. World Service reported that, the Brazilian economy has became the sixth largest economy of the world.
During Last year,when the British economy has developed by mere 0.8%, the Brazilian economy has gained a huge growth of 27%.
By now, the value of the Brazilian economy is 2.5 Trillion U.S, Dollars,it has gained more since the oil and the food prices have gone up.
According to the I.M.F. data, the value of the British economy is 2.48 Trillion U.S. dollars.
Japan which was considered as the 2nd largest economy of the world, has gone down against China. By now, China is considered as the 2nd largest economy of the world.
The United states of America, is still maintaining it’s status as the largest economy of the world. 


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