‘Mawbima’ (Motherland);a Sinhala news paper (clanderstine?)Sponsored by channel 4 soon

According to reliable sources there are many conspiratorial acts has been launched, targeting the Human Rights Council sessions to be held in Geneva in September 2011. These acts are allegedly medicated by the channel 4.  International networks operated by Tigers and their henchmen are reported to be aiding and abating these activities. A news paper titled ‘Mawbima’ (Motherland) is high in the agenda. The aim is to publish this paper at least till September. Two journalists having close links to the UNP are reported to be in the loupe. They are planning to invent news as much as possible to discredit the government


Hot news

It is reported that Sri Lanka Rugby team with the captaincy of Namal Rajapaksa has left for South Korea to compete at  the Asian Five Nations. There are 23 nominated for the team. Last year Sri Lankan team defeated one of the world’s strongest teams in Poland.

The International community has questioned the government about banning the organization which help the LTTE. These organizations have been banned as a proposal approved by U N security council and a list of the persons connected to the terrorism has been published. Meantime, the international has questioned about the LTTE members who were died when […]

Minister Champika Ranawaka stated that priority needs to be given to water conservation rather than to highways, ports and air ports. He stated that if the fuel consumption is not reduced at least up to 35% before the year 2030, we will have to face dire consequences such as droughts, floods, acidity in sea water, […]

Minister of Higher Education, S.B Dissanayake stated that Mahapola bursary given to University students is only Rs.2500 and that need to be increased up to Rs.6000. He stated that Rs.2500 is not enough for their education and that amount need to be increased depending on the socio-economic state of the students. he further stated that […]

Prime Minister, D.M Jayaratne stated that all the ones who are in robes are not Buddhist monks. “Some are spoiling the image of Buddhist monks and the Buddha Sasana. All the ones who are in robes are not monks. Virtuous Buddhist monks have a responsibility of protecting the sasana from such monks.”