Amarican tornado 89 dead ..

May 23, 2011 at 10:25 pm | Lanka C News.

Amarican tornado 89 dead ..

A massive tornado killed at least 89 people and caused massive destruction across a city in the US state of Missouri. However according to the authorities the death toll could be higher. Number of wounded yet to be known.

Amidst lightning, high winds and heavy rains already difficult door-to-door search is continuing. 30% of the city Joplin Is reported to be totally destroyed.

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It is reported that the fees of the common toilets near Pettah Main bus stop which was Rs.10/- has been increased into Rs.15/- When it was inquired from the cashiers kept to collect the money, they state that they have to follow the orders they get.    

UNP Parliamentarians who have gone to check on the loopholes at Hambantota have been attacked.It is reported that they have been attacked with eggs and that they have also been physically assaulted. It is said that Hambantota Mayor too has been among the ones who had organized the attack these Parliamentarians.      

A group of UNP parliamentarians who have gone on a tour to the Mattala Airport today afternoon have been hooted and been scolded in filth. Five MPs have joined this observation tour and they have faced this incident as they were about to get into the bus finishing the tour. It is reported that Ajith […]

A hand of a person has been cut off from his wrist while he has been walking along the road in the night. This incident has taken place at Anguruwatota, Agalhena area. A person named, Indika Prasanna has faced this incident and the Police states that this would have been done as a way of […]

Minister of Defense, Gotabhaya Rajapakse stated that even though terrorism was totally removed from Sri Lanka by winning the war, LTTE organization is still active in Sri Lanka with foreign back up. He made this comment addressing the Asian Defense Services Exhibition that is held in Malaysia. He also pointed out that in order to […]