Gagan’s wife files action for divorce for having a illicit love affair with main actress of ‘Gauthama’

Siddhartha actor and Yasodhara actress in love-Gagan Malik’s wife files legal action

These days our cinema halls are running to packed houses to see the Buddhist film ‘Sri Siddhartha Gauthama’. The film is patronised by Buddhists by the majority, including the Buddhist clergy as the theme is based on the life of Lord Buddha. The main role of ‘Gauthama’ is portrayed by the Indian actor Gagan Malik.It is learnt that his wife has filed papers for a divorce.

The reason for her to file action for a divorce is that she has come to know that Gagan Malik is having an. affair with the actress who portrayed the lead female role of Yasodhara Devi.

It is learnt that Gagan’s wife had visited Sri Lanka, had met the producers and told them that Gagan had never been a vegetarian  for a long time but he had been leading a layman’s life before the shooting of the film.

She had gone to say that Gagan is a person who is addicted to to night clubs and it was just one week before the shooting began he had abstained from consuming meats, and  become a vegetarian.


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