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Dr. Nimal Gamage, the owner of the Cosmetics Surgery, Bambalapitiya, who has been remanded regarding a case of a doctor who had died after giving an injection,  has been released on bail. He had been remanded untill today.  

The JVP leader talks about the strength the UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe has got. He says that some facts cannot be revealed to media. ” Ranil’s ability is tolerance ability. Ranil has not understood the people or the country. His mind is in New York. He has got another weakness.  It cannot be revealed to […]

The person who put himself on fire in front of  Colpetty police station, opposing the activities of U N Human Rights Commissioner Navaneetham Pillai, has died. He (73) is a retired army staff officer who was residing in Pannipitiya road, Halalgoda.    

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has given approval to amalgamate  7 banks and 22 financial institutions in Sri Lanka. The amalgamating process of 10 are going on. Accordingly, amalgamation of 1 bank and 7 financial institutions has been completed and due to be announced. The Central Bank has taken this decision to protect the […]

The PAFFREL organization says that it cannot be satisfied with the way the police are taking actions against the pre- election crimes and this situation will course effects in a national election in the future. The Executive Director of the organization Rohana Hettiarachchi says that if the police cannot control the situation in one area, […]