Why the JVP is so frightened about the leadership training? Wimal Weerawansa

They are worried that they will not be in position to have student who they can control. When a fresher enters the university who is not prepared to surrender to a so called honorable senior, the JVP knows that they are out of control. So they are worried about people with brain and a spine………….


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A research done by the ministry of higher education has revealed that the lowest employment is recorded with BA holders and the highest employment is recorded with engineering degree holders. 94% of the engineering graduates are employed while  only 32% of BA holders are employed. It is revealed that 92% of MBBS, 93% of ICT, […]

The Minister of public administration John Seneviratna said at the parliament that there had been 08 instruments which are used to scan the ground been arrested and presented to the courts. But, he said that it is not proved that these had been used to treasure hunting. He said this answering a question made by […]

The central bank information reveals that the discussions are going on to have an new understanding agreement between the central banks in China and Sri Lanka. The central bank Officers have left for China to discuss in this regard. The information reveals that this will be mutually benefited for both  countries.  

The corporation seniors say that it is only Rs. 100/- per 1 litre of petrol when it comes to the port. Addressing a media in Colombo they said that another Rs. 12/- is added port charges, distribution, salaries, etc. The Chairman of the corporation S Amarasekara said the the government charges the highest tax on […]

Monaragala district UNP parliamentarian Ranjith Maddumabandara says that in order to buy a piece of soap, the people have to sell two kgs of paddy. ” Ministers and the family members of the government are getting richer.  Ordinary people are getting poorer.  When you buy 1 kg of sugar you are paying Rs. 28/- as […]