Why the JVP is so frightened about the leadership training? Wimal Weerawansa

They are worried that they will not be in position to have student who they can control. When a fresher enters the university who is not prepared to surrender to a so called honorable senior, the JVP knows that they are out of control. So they are worried about people with brain and a spine………….


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A ‘maithri’ administration to the parliament is on its way was said by the Member of parliament UNP Nalin Bandara had said in parliament. What is needed for the country is such an administration, he had said while speaking in the budget debate.When the common candidate is announced you all will be shocked and perturbed […]

The Chief Minister of Uva province,Dayasiri  Jayasekara had said that it is former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva who messed up the country’s judiciary. He had said it addressing a meeting in Kuliyapitiya.He has added further in saying: When he was a attorney at law those days he goes to Supreme court to listen to court […]

The UNP sources say that the UPFA member of parliament,Wasantha Senanayake  has joined the UNP.

The suspect in the sex scandal in the women’s cricket team has been found to be a coordinating secretary of The SLC. A senior officer attached to SLC is interested in punishing her.The charge sheets to file a case to remove her from her post are been prepared.

The President of the Jathika Hela Urumaya,Rathana thera had said that to the Sadhamsevana temple in Borrella where he resides a attempt was made to stone .he had got the news only.But he is not concerned over it the thera had said.