Why the JVP is so frightened about the leadership training? Wimal Weerawansa

They are worried that they will not be in position to have student who they can control. When a fresher enters the university who is not prepared to surrender to a so called honorable senior, the JVP knows that they are out of control. So they are worried about people with brain and a spine………….


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For the presidential election on the 8th January 2015,the postal voting for the government servants would be on the December 23rd and 24th,was announced by the elections commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya.The date of closing applications is on the 4th December.

Involved in proper politics without any fear of files and if he feels would leave without been afraid of any file.Addressing a media briefing in Colombo Minister Reginald Cooray had said that just as those who left have files those within also have files.if the files of those are not put out he had pointed […]

The common candidate is a person who cannot resolve the conflict of Midwifes and Nurses is seeking to become President was said by the social services Minister Felix Perera. He had further saying that Maithri by joining Chandrika wants to achieve low level ambitions and trying to take revenge For Maithri having had past history […]

A news has been in the JVP web site that the UPFA member of Eastern PC Jayantha Wijesekara had held a lamp to wish at the Ranil-Maithri union.He had said that he has no such hurry as Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

The leader of the UNP had questioned the common candidate Maithripala Sirisena why those promised have not come yet.As they had come as promised earlier had disturbed Ranil Wickremasinghe.As a result there had been conflicts in the Ranil-Maithri pack.The common candidate position was given on such conditions.In the first media briefing Rajitha Senaratna too had […]