A cabinet reshuffle in the mid January

December 11, 2011 at 2:43 pm | Lanka C News.

A cabinet reshuffle in the mid January
The government sources say that, the cabinet reshuffle and appointing of the new Deputy Ministers are due to be conducted during the 2nd week of January, 2012.
The sources further say that, the selection of the new cabinet and allocating of the subjects to the ministries are now being done with the leadership of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.


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The political information reveals that TNA & CMC are planning to present a common candidate for the presidential election. The internal information reveals that the minor parties who are fed up with the government are supposed to do this.  

Sinhala Ravaya organization has taken steps to form a new union with Buddhist youths to protect the Buddhist heritage. The chairman of the organization Akmeemana Dayarathna thero says that this will be done islandwide and there have huge number of youth taken the membership in Colombo district.  

The mid year report of the ministry of finance and policy shows that there is a loss of Rs. 18600 million during the first 4 months. The reason for that is the dropping down the producing hydro power from 50% to 19.5%. But, as alternative are used the cost per unit has gone up from […]

It is reported that the government is trying to postpone the visit of the Francis Pope which is scheduled for 13th January by another 4 days. The related discussion had been held between the president and the Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. The president has requested the Cardinal to postpone the date to 17th but, the Cardinal […]

The western provincial council Member Hirunika Premachandra says that most of the people looks at Kolonnawa with swivel-eye. Addressing a meeting, she said that it can be changed only by education. She said that there will be students with highest marks in grade 5 scholarship, Ordinary Level will come up from Kolonnawa.