A new solution for the traffic congestion in Colombo.

March 18, 2012 at 10:50 am | Lanka C News.

Authorities have paid their attention on widening the by roads in the city of Colombo, and to direct the motor vehicles to travel on those roads, to minimize the heavy traffic congestion on the roads of the Colombo city.
A possibility study is now being conducted for the above task, while, discussions are now in progress in this regards, between the Chiefs of Traffic Police,and the higher officials of the Roads Development Authority.
The Authorities also have paid their attention to construct a broad road to enter the city of Colombo, connecting it to the Bridge across the Kelani River,near the Kelani Viharaya, and to take prompt actions to widen the relevant roads enable to run more vehicles through the Bridge across the Kelani River, at Mattakkuliya, reports say.


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