Under the Urban Councils, village Development act,the land powers of the provincial councils will be taken over by the central government. This act will empower the government to takeover the lands owned by the Provincial councils, as well as the private lands.
This bill is now being referred to the provincial councils due to the order issued by the Supreme Court,when it was referred to the Supreme Court earlier.
Since the Western Provincial Council has agreed with this Bill, where the Muslim Congress has voted with the governing party for this act,the Eastern Provincial Council who has protested against this act, has not submitted it to the council yet, reports say.


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The police media spokesman says that 4 army soldiers Abepussa camp have died by getting under a heap of soil. Another soldier has been hospitalized. 8 soldiers are disappeared.  

The national electricity consumer association says that the consumers have not got a benefit from the reduction of the electricity bill. They further say that due to this reduction there is a loss of Rs. 55 billion per year and if the production in Norochcholai is not speed up, the loss will be passed to […]

A mother of Trincomalee has jumped into the sea with her two children. The children have died and the mother has been admitted to the hospital in serious condition.  

Anoma Fonseka says that the remote of the Uva PC election should be given to her husband the Leader of the Democratic Party Sarath Fonseka.Anoma Fonseka had further added that she was away abroad and could not take active part in politics but had formed a women’s group for the Democratic Party.

It is learnt that two people are claiming the rupees one million reward for giving information about abducted little Keshani in Wellawa, Kuurunegala.One is a businessman from Neriyawa area and the other is a brother of the suspect Greece Gamini the main suspect.