Under the Urban Councils, village Development act,the land powers of the provincial councils will be taken over by the central government. This act will empower the government to takeover the lands owned by the Provincial councils, as well as the private lands.
This bill is now being referred to the provincial councils due to the order issued by the Supreme Court,when it was referred to the Supreme Court earlier.
Since the Western Provincial Council has agreed with this Bill, where the Muslim Congress has voted with the governing party for this act,the Eastern Provincial Council who has protested against this act, has not submitted it to the council yet, reports say.


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Sabaragamuwa provincial council has organized a “Damma pada reality show” with the guidance of the chief minister Maheepala Herath and the governor W J M Lokubandara. The government servants of the province can participate in this. The candidates are given 20 gatha from “Yamakavagga” and they have recite them.  

The secretary general of Bodu   Bala Sena organization Galabodaaththe Gnanasara thero says that the people in the country are with the thirst of Dhamma. ” According to our knowledge, there are about 153 closed. There are few reasons for that. One is the lack of four requisites.  Issues in chapters.  Further, the Buddhist monks doing […]

A new circular has been presented by the minister of education Bandula Gunawardana to avoid the students leaving school after failing maths in O/L. He pointed out that when they fail maths, they leave the school and most of them have another talents which can not be developed due to this reason. Those who fail […]

The Western provincial member Udaya Prabath Gammanpila said that he requests the Indian government to close down the Indian embassy in Colombo as while being in the Sirikotha Ranil Wickramasinghe is doing the job. He further said that the opposition leader is there to protect the rights of the people of Sri Lanka and not […]

Colombo National Hospital has planned to introduce a new short number to get the information fast and correctly. The director Dr. Anil Jayasinghe said that this information center with the new number will be declared opened on 04th August at 10.00 a.m. He said that the information about the clinics, how to get ready for […]