LTTE supporters to protest outside all UN offices in the world on the 12

During the time of the war the Tamil Diaspora is accusing that the United Nation officials did not take action against the so called mass killing of innocent civilians’ to save their lives. Protection was not given, what the Tamil Diaspora says is they failed in their duties.

In this context they intend making protests around all UN offices around the globe on the 12th of this month.

Another reason is requesting to stop the war in the year 2009, to remember Murugadas who in front of the Geneva’s Human Rights council office a LTTE supporter set fire to himself. It is also learnt that the Danusman statement is to be distributed once more to all UN offices on this day by the Tamil Diaspora members.


Hot news

On the night of the Budget day Minister Wimal Weerawansa participated in the ITN channel’s Chat N Music  the very popular programme and gave it a start with the song”Desa Nilipul Thema”.For the video please refer the Sinhala edition.

As the presidential election is due to be held in early January the Pope’s visit to Sri Lanka is in the balance.The Pope is scheduled to come on the 14th January. The Bishops are discussing on this to arrive at a final decision.

The Jathika Hela Urumaya has expressed displeasure for the 2015 budget proposals presented by President yesterday.Whether to vote against or not will be decided at their meeting tomorrow.

It is reported that using the powers of the executive president after the presidential election there is a plan to have a referendum and to allow the present portfolios of the Ministers to be kept as it is for a period of six years.This was said by the Minister of Zoological gardens and recreation Jayarathna […]

It is learnt that there had been meetings between four leading groups of tigers living abroad and formed another organisation.This organisation and the tiger diaspora is planning to send to Sri Lanka  a number of small groups before the presidential election. The motive behind is for these groups to station in the east and north […]