Minister portfolio to be forfeited- Dilan Perera

November 18, 2013 at 5:32 pm | lanka C news

At the forthcoming Olympic committee election if he to classified as a politician getting recognition he is prepared to forego and forfeit his Ministers post of the  person in charge of foreign employment and welfare development of the expatriates when he contests for the Chairman of the Olympic committee.

He added this when he participated at the ‘munchi’ volleyball championship inaugural ceremony held at Senkadagala, mahasiyawa grounds. He added that to contest for the Olympic committee Chairman if it was a disqualification that he was a Minister he will resign from his Ministerial portfolio.

He added that he sees this as that not as a Olympic election. This is another opportunity for the ‘white’ to dominate which they had done for 41 years. He will allow those who wish to become the Chairman of the Olympic committee. But  what he tells is not to surrender to them


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