A motor accident had taken place at the Southern Express Highway between Kottawa and Pinnaduwa near Welipenna exit. The vehicle had been travelling from Pinnaduwa to kottawa

The motor vehicle had banged on to the left side fence of the Highway. One lady and a gentleman had died while three others who were injured had been admitted to the Nagoda hospital for treatment

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It is reported that an organization is planning on holding a conference in London with the intention of forming an Eelam. It is to be held on the 18th. The main intention of that is to force the international to boycott the productions made in Sri Lanka. The conference will be chaired by the Prime […]

It has been revealed that many workers of the Ministry of Health have claimed for overtime during the weekend without reporting to work. They have been accused of signing for work from 8.30 to 3.00 and attending their personal work.Some complaints state that some of the female workers spend time in hotel rooms in order […]

Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium ( TRAC) has added the UFPA, JVP and UNP together with the  Bodu Bala Sena Organizaion to the list of terrorist organizations. These parties have been added long ago and not yet removed. TRAC organization is the organization which conducts investigations and estimates them and Bodu Bala Sena Organizaion is […]

The TNA says that as there is no political solution for the national conflict, getting created the youths like Gopi cannot be avoided. The Northern Provincial Member Sivajilingam says that government is trying to create a fear of terrorism in the country to get released from the war crime complaints.  

On the 13th and 14th the Southern Express way and the C – K Express way have earned an income of rupees 133 lakhs. It is reported that 42,000 vehicles have used the Southern Express wa and earned approx.  90 lakhs. There were 22,000 vehicles which used the C-K express way and earned 43 lakhs. […]