A motor accident had taken place at the Southern Express Highway between Kottawa and Pinnaduwa near Welipenna exit. The vehicle had been travelling from Pinnaduwa to kottawa

The motor vehicle had banged on to the left side fence of the Highway. One lady and a gentleman had died while three others who were injured had been admitted to the Nagoda hospital for treatment


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It is compulsory to introduce prepaid card system to the private buses in Western province with effect from 01st September. There are about 6300 private buses in Western province and all the  buses should purchase the machines to read the prepaid card. The minister said that this will be put in to action with the […]

According to Tamil media, it is supposed to send out R Sambandan from the leader position of Tamil Arasu Kachchi party and appoint C Vigneshwaran as the leader. R Sambandan has stated that he will not be contesting for the next election and will represent  only as the national leader of the TNA. As it […]

It is reported that some shops give green chillies as balance when there is no changed money. The price of 01 kg of green chillies is Rs. 700-800.  Further, there is a scarcity of changed money. When giving as balance, one pod of green chillies is given instead of 01 rupee. The shop owners say […]

It is reported that a high speed police motor bike imported from Japan has crashed with the Dimo Batta in Anuradhapura area. The value of one motor bike is Rs. 30 lakhs and there had been 315 bikes  imported.

The people of all the divisions in Moneragala district are suffering from the drought. It has become very difficult to find drinking water not only for the animals but for the humans. It has become a common scene that the children selling water lily roots to the people going on the main roads. They said […]