Nude beach at the Kalido park in Kalutara.

July 12, 2011 at 6:58 pm | Lanka C News.

According to the reports proposals were submitted to establish a nude park at the Kalido Beach in Kalutara, simultaneously to the proposed  Kalido Beach Park Project.
As 1 1/2 kilometers of the above coastal belt is owned by ‘Star Dust’, the largest Casino Company in Sri Lanka, the above proposal was submitted by them.
According to them, the main intention of this project is the promotion of Tourism Industry.The Kakutara Municipal Council strongly protests that, this is not suitable for a Buddhist cultured country like Sri Lanka.
Despite protests from the Kalutara Municipal Council, the ‘Star Dust’ Company say that, they are still continuing with the process of obtaining the approval for the project.
Since the Kakutara beach was named as a tourist zone, plans are being made to demolish the coastal boutiques and houses.


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