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The police has arrested one person out of two who was pasting posters saying “Eelam will come up again”. He has been arrested at Hundu Vidyalaya, Jaffna. The arrested person was residing in Singapore for more than 2 years. The operations are going on to arrest the other one.

Micro has started in Polgahawela,  the first and only company to assemble the auto vehicle parts  in Sri Lanka. This opening was done with the participation of H E Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday and the chief of the company Dr. Lawrance Perera was also participated in this. The Micro company says that they are planning to […]

A tractor has fallen into  Aralaganwila, Aluth Oya ZD canal and 12 have died. They have been on their way to visit relations. About 25 have traveled in the truck  12 had died of drowning and the rest have been hospitalized.  

A group of researchers chaired by Prof. Ranjith B. Mapa, a Senior Lecturer of Agriculture, at the University of Peradeniya have started studying the soil in the North covering Vavuniya, Jaffna and Mannar. They are involved in mapping the identified soil.  

Police Media Spokesman, SSP Ajith Rohana stated that an investigation need to be held as to what the elite security guards were doing at the time the UNP Parliamentarians were assaulted at Mattala and Hambantota. He stated that at least 2 guards are given to an MP and that it is their duty to report […]