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The CEB engineers are against the proposed agreement which is supposed to be signed between C E B and C M E C company, China. The engineers’ union says that they have informed the management to amend this agreement which includes the conditions of handing over the maintenance of the Norochcholai to this Chinese company. […]

The Professor of Ruhuna university, the Chief Incumbent of Sri Sumangala Viharaya, Ankokkawala Angulugaha Damminda thero says that the Sinhala dictionary has become inactive as there is no editor. The thero said this at a media discussion ” There should be new words added to a language.  There are new words added to the Oxford […]

The OIC – crimes at Ambalangoda police has been suspended for assaulting an army intelligence officer inside the police station. The intelligence officer has been admitted to Balapitiya base hospital. As per a complaint made by a 3 wheeler driver for snatching a necklace, the brother of the intelligence officer was arrested and when the […]

Addressing a Uva province propaganda election meeting the UNP Chief Minister candidate ex parliamentarian Harin Fernando in Hali Ela had added that the President who is used to carrying children wherever he goes is not for love but to check their health and to see their weights.He also added that in his UNP party the […]

The Minister of Technology and Research Patali Champika Ranawaka speaking at a ISIS terrorist related meeting that it is the terrorist who make the maximum out of the internet. He added that there are around 80 countries in the world having ISIS connections.About 100 million people in the world are learning and benefited via the […]