Parliament Remonstration is a ‘Show off’ to the Western ambassadors

 Mr Wimal Weerawansa, the Minister of Constructions, Engineering Services, Housing, and Common Amenities,says that, a group of the opposition parliamentarians have remonstrated during the budget speech to ‘show off’ the ambassadors of certain Western countries.The Minister indicates that, since Mr Wicremasinghe has demonstrated a show off on his abilities to the ambassadors of certain Western countries,a group of parliamentarians have imitated him by performing a baseless remonstration. Even though,it is well known to the people of this country that the opposition is weak,they want to show the ambassadors that they are strong and capable to do something. The minister also says that,it is the reason which lead to the baseless remonstration conducted by the opposition. Minster Wimal Weerawansa has stated these while participating a ceremony as the chief guest,to inaugurate the constructions of the ‘Nugasevana’ Housing Village, under the ‘Janasevana’ housing project,at Kanangama, Dehiovita of Kegalle. “On normal circumstances the opposition should have a pointer to oppose.But how could they do that not even the budget speech is commenced, and without the knowledge of the proposals? They must be crazy to conduct a remonstration without a reason.They were holding remonstration planks saying ‘Shame’.But they were not aware of the meaning of the word.” “After some time they have left the chamber feeling ashamed of themselves.Is it a shame for the opposition to provide relief for the people? Is it a shame for them that the salaries of the government servants were increased, or needy poor people were provided with the lands which were earlier handed over to the plantation companies? Is it a shame for them that the parents of war heroes are due to be provided with a monthly allowance, or a family who has a disabled child is to be provided with a monthly allowance of Rs 3000/-? Maybe they are ashamed of providing money for education, developing of the health services, supplying electricity for the remote areas,providing houses for the homeless families, and developing of the cities and villages” “I would also like to ask Mr Wickremasnghe and the parliamentarians who have remonstrated that, are they ashamed of upgrading process for the people.Mr Wickremasinghe is our Leader of the Opposition in many occasions. But sometimes he is doing tings like this” the Minister added.


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