There have been given a nine number of verdicts  by the District Magistrate Homagama are now found and proved as suspicious. He was arrested on the charge of taking a bribe of three lakhs promising to give a verdict in someone’s favour was released on bail.

He was arrested by the bribery and corruption unit and now the Homagama lawyers  society have called for investigations in regard to nine other verdicts he had given on earlier occasions. They have called for reports on these verdicts.


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The Kurunegala district member of parliament Nilwala Wijesinghe is likely to leave politics.The reason is he has been owing to a conflict that has arisen on the organizer position of the Polgahawela seat.The Wyamba PC member Tikiri Adikari has been appointed to Polgahawela seat.It had been suggested to give both co organizers to which Tikiri […]

Political information has revealed that today (21) some government Members are to make a special statement and would sit in the opposition.This group it is learnt that has had a  secret meeting at the residence of a powerful Minister yesterday. (20).Some Ministers and district leaders had attended this meeting.Knowing this a group of Ministers are […]

It is reported that the General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party,Minister Maithripala Sirisena has called for media discussion today. As there are so many stories that he and several other Ministers are to leave the government,this media briefing is to let know of the facts and views as he had not answered the […]

Sri Lanka has imported 2000 numbers of milking cows from Australia at a cost of rupees 70 billion.This was revealed by Minister Dinesh Gunawardena in parliament.One cow had cost rupees 350,000/.In the year 2012 500 cows have been imported while in 2013 ,1500 have been imported.  

The stretch of Matara from Kottawa is to be extended up to Beliatte a distance of 30 kilometers,the cabinet committee has approved for the expenses.The president has made this request as the Minister on account of the Ministry of Highways,Port and Navy.The SEH is to be extended up to Hambantota and would be constructed in […]