There have been given a nine number of verdicts  by the District Magistrate Homagama are now found and proved as suspicious. He was arrested on the charge of taking a bribe of three lakhs promising to give a verdict in someone’s favour was released on bail.

He was arrested by the bribery and corruption unit and now the Homagama lawyers  society have called for investigations in regard to nine other verdicts he had given on earlier occasions. They have called for reports on these verdicts.


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The Democratic Party of former General Sarath Fonseka has failed miserably in the concluded Uva provincial election.On the overall party standings the Democratic party is in sixth position.When a Independent party was placed  in third position in Moneragala district the Democratic party had been placed  in fourth position..

The officials of the Ministry of health have decided to give less beef to patients in government hospitals.In order to substantiate the protein in take of patients a supplementary food with more proteins will be served to patients. They are seeking expertise advise on this matter. In a circular issued by the Ministry to hospitals […]

The counting has been completed in the Uva provincial council election.The UPFA has won a resounding victory. The UPFA has secured 17 seats,UNP 13 seats and JVP 02 seats.

In the Uva provincial council election held yesterday,the final result in the Moneragala district has been released. The UPFA had polled 140850 votes,the UNP 770655 votes and JVP 14960 votes.Accordingly UPFA has secured 8 seats,UNP 5 seats and JVP 1 seat.

in the UVA provincial council elections held yesterday,in the final result for Badulla  district  both UPFA  and UNP have secured 9 seats each. UPFA has obtained 209056 votes while the UNP has obtained 197708 votes,the JVP has polled 20625 votes.