There have been given a nine number of verdicts  by the District Magistrate Homagama are now found and proved as suspicious. He was arrested on the charge of taking a bribe of three lakhs promising to give a verdict in someone’s favour was released on bail.

He was arrested by the bribery and corruption unit and now the Homagama lawyers  society have called for investigations in regard to nine other verdicts he had given on earlier occasions. They have called for reports on these verdicts.


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The parliamentarians P Digambaran and Praba Ganeshan have given oaths in front of the President as deputy ministers. P. Digambaram has been appointed as the Deputy Minister of National Languages and Social Integration and Praba Ganeshan has been appointed as the deputy minister of the Deputy Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology. P Digambaram has […]

The national organization for social justice says that a common candidate will be presented for the presidential election. The organization says that they will come to a common conclusion with all the civil organizations and the political parties. The organization further said that this common candidate will be presented under the theme of “cancelling the […]

The parliamentarian Duminda Silva says that the government development plan is one which is focused on the children to be born in the future, He said this addressing a ceremony of distributing books in Kolonnawa. He further said that from the day he came to power he has helped the children a lot and expect […]

The secretary general of JHU Patali Champika Ranawaka says that J R Jayawardana is the most intelligent leader ever born in Sri Lanka. He says that the development in 4 years of introducing open economy is the best example for that. He further said that there is a huge scarcity of man power in Sri […]

According to the index of years time published by “The Economist” magazine, the suitability for living in Colombo has dropped down. According to the latest report there are 13 countries taken less than 50%. Colombo is marked as a weakest town due to the breaching of the human rights of Tamils.