Samantha Badra ( Pitiduwe Siridhamma) is a worm on a trunk come to destroy ‘Buddha Sasana”

Akmeemana Dayarathana Thero, the President of National organization for Sinhala Ravaya said that Samantha Badra is a worm came to destroy the Buddha Sasana.

The Thero said that when asking the opinion of the Sinhala Ravaya of coming to the open as Siri Samantha Badra from his earlier name Pitiduwe Siridhamma had expressed in the media that himself as “Arahath”.

The Thero has advised him not to insult the Buddha. Being a monk in the dispensation he destroys the dispensation.

He reduces the respect of the Lord Buddha and he is using lots of strategies to reduce the value of the Buddha.

They tried to destroy the dispensation from various corners. They try to destroy it by being in the dispensation. Some other parties are trying to destroy it by being outside. The Other way is by using symbols they try to destroy it. This person does it by being the inside of the dispensation.

Waduramba Siriwardana do it by being outside the dispensation. Laughing Buddha is a symbol used to destroy the dispensation. But the reality of Buddhism is “Sabba papassa akaranan” which means, avoiding of all unsuitable things. Doing good things and controlling the mind.


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