Sampanthan seeks support from Hillary.

March 17, 2012 at 11:09 am | Lanka C News.

Sampanthan seeks support from Hillary.

 Parliamentarian Mr R. Sampanthan, the Leader of Tamil National Alliance has sent an epistle to Mrs Hillery Clinton the U.S. State Secretary, requesting her to follow a tough policy during the Human Rights Convention in Geneva, to do justice to the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. While appreciating U.S.A. for the service done to his community, he has mentioned that, further assistance is needed from U.S.A. in future, to fulfill justice to the Tamil People. By this letter he also expects that, U.S.A. will further assist regarding the L.L.R.C. report, and for a political solution with a reasonable division of power. Mr Sampanthan has sent this letter, following the request made by U.S.A., to take a vote on the proposal regarding Sri Lanka, on the 22nd of March during the Human Rights Convention in Geneva.

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