According to the reports, police has arrested seven students from two leading schools in Colombo, while they were smoking Ganja.
Since five of these 17 year old students were in their school uniforms, 5 of them had ganja cigars with them, when the police has arrested them.
There were no ganja cigars with the remaining two students, and the police says that, they will be produced before the Colombo Magistrate Court since these students have committed these, while truanting from the schools.


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It is learnt that very confidential files of a number of powerful ministers have come to the hands of the opposition.Some other ministers in the government had helped in this exercise.The UNP is intending to expose them before the presidential and the general elections.

The Indian media had said that India was concerned about the Chinese submarines seen in our waters.This has been a challenge to their security,When the defense secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa visited India his counterpart in India had asked this question.

The president of the vehicle importers association Sampath Merenchige had said that by introducing the special tax for cars below 1000 cc and vans the prices though reduced not drastically.The demand for hybrid cars the reduction effects only marginally.There was a demand for vans which could be fulfilled by them.The deputy secretary of the finance […]

Through a cabinet paper it has been proposed to reduce the number of channels of SLBC from seven to four and  to sell a property at Ekala 71 acres in extent owned by SLBC and to lease transmission towers to private channels.

Five days have lapsed since the SLFP members promised to reply to the proposals to the 19 amendment to the constitution submitted by the Jathika Hela Urumaya.Hence a final decision would be taken when the Members of their central committee meets toady