According to the reports, police has arrested seven students from two leading schools in Colombo, while they were smoking Ganja.
Since five of these 17 year old students were in their school uniforms, 5 of them had ganja cigars with them, when the police has arrested them.
There were no ganja cigars with the remaining two students, and the police says that, they will be produced before the Colombo Magistrate Court since these students have committed these, while truanting from the schools.


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The JHU has agreed to support the common candidate Maithripala Sirisena in the forthcoming presidential election.The president of the party Ven.Rathana thera had said that the MOU would be signed on Monday.They had agreed on ground that that the powers of the executive president to be with the government,the Judiciary be independent,to change the election […]

The leaders of the opposition parties of Talawa and Mihintale PS’s have joined with the government.They are Lalith Edirisinghe of Talawa PS and Sarath Dassanayake of Mihintale PS.

The 2nd one day international between the touring England team and Sri Lanka was scheduled to start at as a day match at the Khettarama is learnt that start of play has been delayed owing to rain.For the scoreboard and live telecast please refer our Sinhala edition:

The president of the JHU and member of parliament Athureliye Rathana addressing a media conference in Colombo had said that majority of Buddhists in the country are with common candidate Maithripala Sirisena. When questioned that BBS organisation has pledged to support the incumbent president,he has said the majority of Buddhists are for the common candidate […]

From the statements made by Chandrika’s group and the separatist’s group there is no difference and it will pave path to divide the united country once again.This was said by the Minister of construction,housing, engineering services,public amenities and chairman of the Kaduwela PS development committee Wimal Weerawansa. The Minister had said this speaking at a […]