The Commissioner General of examination has decided to observe the examination halls and the coordinating centers. The examination Commissioner General W M N J Pushpakumara said that from tomorrow onwards he will be visiting at random selected examination centers in Colombo and suburbs.

He further said that there is a special team assigned to observe the activities in the examination centres island wide.


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The Minister of coconut development Jagath Pushapakumara had gone yesterday to lay a foundation stone for a power project in Udavadiya in Badalkumbura.An unexpected torrential rain had fallen for about four hours.As this spot was in a hilly area water which overflowed from lakes had  made the roads to flood with rainy water The media […]

The IGP has instructed to commence investigating on the incident of a woman who is very familiar with a DIG who visits his office often and had grabbed his official identity card.The woman has already been questioned while all the police officers in the unit are been questioned.

The Ven.Maduluwawe Sobitha thera has pleaded the UNP to support him to contest as the common candidate and to become President.One leader of a leftist party had said that the Sobitha thera is hoping to attend a number of meetings island wide in regard to capture the hearts of the masses.In the event he is given […]

The President of the national movement for social justice Madoluwawe Sobitha thero says that though the founder of this executive president-ship J R Jayewardena said that he could do every thing other than changing the gender of humans, the President Mahinda Rajapaksa has made all the parliamentarians women. The thero said this addressing the seminar […]

The Leader of Democratic Party Sarath Fonseka had warned the president Mahinda Rajapaksa on the activities that take place in the country. At a media conference held in Colombo, he expressed his ideas as below.For the Video kindly refer the Sinhala edition.