The only solution is to issue separate Z-Scores. R.O.Thattil

January 29, 2012 at 3:18 pm | Lanka C News.

The only solution is to issue separate Z-Scores.  R.O.Thattil
Mr R.O. Thattil, Professor of the Agriculture Faculty of the Peradeniya University says that, the only solution for the present crisis erupted in the G.G.E. Advanced Level results is to issue separate Z- Scores for the Old and the New Syllabuses.
The Professor emphasizes that, a solution could be obtained for all problems by issuing the Z-Scores after correcting them in this way.
Since injustice has done to the children by the z-Scores released with the examination results, these results should be corrected in a way that justice will be done to the children.


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