2 Comments to “ජනපති මෛත‍්‍රි සහ විමල් වීරවංශ ජනපති නිවසේදී හමුවේ..තොරතුරු මෙන්න..”

  1. Kuveni says:

    If there is any impact of this discussion on Srilankan politics, it may be the dilution of the anti government campaign and anti government feelings of the people.

    Another costly political mistake of Wimal.

    • Kepuwathkola says:

      We don’t know what happened to the fiery politician living within Wimal. He was brave enough to call Sirisena as Sirisena those days. It appears that he has been tamed by somebody or due to some reasons/wrong advice.

      The vociferous speech of Wimal is what people loved, and any deviation from that style to become a gentleman politician is akin to the reach of his political grave.

      After all there is nothing called gentleman politics!

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