GSP+ දෙන්න නම් කොන්දේසි 11 ඉටු කිරීම අනිවාර්යයි..- යුරෝපා සංගමය දන්වයි..

February 11, 2017 at 5:30 pm | lanka C news
GSP+ දෙන්න නම් කොන්දේසි 11 ඉටු කිරීම අනිවාර්යයි..- යුරෝපා සංගමය දන්වයි..

ජී.එස්.පී සහනය ලබාදීමට නම් ඒ වෙනුවෙන් එකග වූ මූලික කොන්දේසි 11 හෝ ඉදිරි අපේ‍්‍රල් 26 දිනට පෙර ඉටු නොකරන්නේ නම් එකී සහනය ශ‍්‍රී ලංකාවට ලබාගැනීමට නොහැකිවනු ඇති බවට යුරෝපා සංගමය අනතුරු අගවා ඇත.

මෙම සහනය ලබා ගැනීමට සදහා ලාභ නොලබන ආයතන විකිණීම අධිකරණයේ ස්වාධීනත්වය රැකීම මානව හිමිකම් ආරක්ෂා කිරීම ආදී මූලික කොන්දේසි 11ක් රජයට ඉදිරිපත් කර ඇත.

ප‍්‍රංශයේ මැතිවණය අපේ‍්‍රල් 21 වැනිදා පැවැ්තවෙන නිසා මෙම කොන්දේසි වහා ක‍්‍රියාත්මක නොකළහොත් සහනය අහිමිවීමට ඉඩ ඇතැයිද යුරෝපා සංගමය දන්වා ඇති බව වාර්තා වෙයි.


4 Comments to “GSP+ දෙන්න නම් කොන්දේසි 11 ඉටු කිරීම අනිවාර්යයි..- යුරෝපා සංගමය දන්වයි..”

  1. ExUNPer says:

    This is akin to what village Mudalali asking from poor women !
    They are taking the advantage of our poverty.
    They are no more friends.
    We should not agree!

  2. Champa says:

    No. This is not acceptable.

    What the heck? The EU is not the Holy Bible of Trade. They have no right to attach conditions to grant trade facilities to developing countries.

    The EU is EU. They are not the United Nations.

    The EU has no right to force sovereign developing countries to ratify International Conventions at their whims and fancies. Every government needs strong public support to enter into such Conventions. (The PM breached the SL Constitution by ratifying the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance -ICPPED – without the approval of the Cabinet or the Parliament).

    The EU has forgotten their own mission. Their trade policy is to boost economic growth in developing countries, not hindering it by putting restrictions.

    It is unethical for EU to connect Trade with Politics. They use their trade policy to put pressure on developing countries ENTIRELY TO SECURE THEIR INFLUENCE on other countries. That is not right.

    There are only three essential elements which is connected to trade that EU can demand from us to grant GSP + i.e. 1. Environmental protection 2. Labour standards 3. To do away with unnecessary red tape barriers. The United Nations is there (not the EU) to make sure countries respect ALL other elements that are connected with politics.

    EU is no longer an essential tool for world’s prosperity. Many countries outside EU’s influence have fast growing economies. We should have the brain to tap trade opportunities that are available outside EU.

    According to IMF’s World Economic Database (October 2016), the Top Ten Economies are these:- 1. US 2. China 3. Japan 4. Germany 5. UK 6. France 7. India 8. Italy 9. Brazil 10. Canada – while 11. South Korea, 12. Russia, 13. Australia, 14. Spain and 15. Mexico have the potential to make them to Top 10.

    For how long did we survive without GSP +?

    Without selling our most precious assets, traditional farming lands and our fertile soil to foreign countries for centuries with over 80% shares, or whatever, we have ample opportunities to develop the country while protecting our assets for the future generation.

    We only have to THINK LOCAL guys, when entering into trade agreements or commencing development projects. That is the key to our OWN success and prosperity as a proud nation and a sovereign and independent country.

  3. Dickie Bird says:

    What the heck ?…………. For Toyyanta……dan ka’ala warenko………..Ammata siri mara kemak ne kanna wenne.
    Ratama GPS+ enakan mada ninday……….. Nagitala balapiyaw………….

  4. ds says:

    අපේ සමහර දේශපාලුවන් සුද්දාගෙන් චරිත සහතික හම්බවෙනවානම් ඕන මෝඩ වැඩක් කරනවා. ජනතාව ඉදිරියේ නිරුවත් !!!

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